Richard "Dick" Hickock

By: 7th period Leopards

Dick Hickock Bio

Name: Richard Eugene Hickock

Gender: Male

Birth Date: June 6, 1931

Place of Birth: Kansas City, Kansas

Date of Death: April 14, 1965

Place of Death: Lansing, Kansas

No. of Victims: 4

Status: Deceased

Early Life

Dick was said to have an average childhood, he was a star athlete at Olathe High School. He wanted to attend college, but his family struggled financially and were unable to send him. As and alternative, he began work as a mechanic.


Dick, at age nineteen married sixteen year old Carol Bryan. He fathered three children with her. He then had another child with Margret Edna. Shortly after finding out , Carol filed for divorce. He then married Margret. Soon after their marriage also ended in divorce. Although Dick and Carol were divorced, Dick claims he was "still crazy about her". He thought that Carol deserved someone that could support her financially and emotionally.

The Wreck

In 1950, Dick was in a serious automobile accident, which resulted in head damage and a concussion. He was left unemployed with a disfigured face. Many theorized this to have been the cause to his insanity.

Characters importance to the novel

He was the major exception to the M'Naughten rule. When trying to prove Dick's guilt, he was only able to answer questions with a yes or no, and no further explanation. Capote was trying to point out that you don't have to murder anybody in order to be a murderer.

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