Chuck Yeager

The man who broke the sound barrier

Chuck's boyhood

  • Chuck had blue eyes and curly hair
  • His best friend was Homer-Hager jr.
  • He had 5 siblings, the oldest Roy, He was the second oldest, then Pansy Lee, the youngest was Hal jr. and he had another sister Doris Ann but, she died during infantry
  • He played the tuba and the trombone
  • He played basketball
  • His parents were Hal sr. and Susie
  • He never saw a plane until he was 15
  • He wanted to be a major army general
  • J.D. Smith advised him to be in the Air Corps

Awards Chuck Yeager claimed

  • Collier Trophy
  • Silver Star
  • Purple Heart
  • Distinguished Flying Star
  • Bronze Star
  • Legion of Merit
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • Air Force Distinguished Service Medal

Why Chuck Yeager started flying planes

Chuck started flying when he told his good family friend J.D. Smith that he wanted to be a major army general when he grows up. J.D. Smith advised Chuck to be a pilot in the Air Corps. Chuck treasured this idea and soon it became relality.

Why Chuck Yeager is famous and what affect did he make on society

Chuck Yeager is famous for being the first person ever to break the sound barrier. This was thought to be impossible so this was a huge thing. He was also famous for being in the Air Corps, in the army. He made a huge affect on society because he won the purple heart award in the army which is a big deal and he fought in the army for our country.

Chucks life in the flying industry

Chuck decided to be an Air Corps pilot so, he went to Cadet School for training. This school was 2 years of his life. The school was Air War College in Bangkok Thailand. Later in his life, all the planes he owned were named after his wife Glennis. For example in the picture below is a picture of him and his plane called "Glamorous Glennis". Years later while testing planes Chuck broke the sound barrier.
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All in all, Chuck Yeager was born in 1923 and is still alive today at 92. He is a great ro-model on people because he was in the Air Corps and broke the Sound Barrier. He changed the world because now we know that it is scientificly possible to break the Sound Barrier. As you Can see, Chuck Yeager is a great Avitatior.
Eighty-Nine Year Old Chuck Yeager • F-15 Eagle Honor Flight