Sour Macaroni (Drake Sundin)


My class and I participated in many different units in our technology class. Here are all of them.

Typing Web

For Typing Web, click here

Every day 2 for the first semester, the class walks in and starts Typing Web, a website that will strengthen your typing skill by doing different courses and practices. There are three courses, the beginner course, the intermediate course, and the advanced course. The standard is to be done with the intermediate course, which i have already finished like almost all the others in my class.

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My class and I used Apple's iMovie to create a trailer about a topic of our choice. I chose to make my movie about my dog. We demonstrated our
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Haiku Deck

The class created a presentation on a job that we found on CareerLocker with Haiku Deck. We included information about the job's needed education, salary, etc. That leads me to our next lesson; CareerLocker.

Career Locker

Partially connected to our Haiku Deck, we used Career Locker to find future jobs I might be interested in for the future. The site is a great resource that includes quizes to find the job that fits you and plenty of information on that job.

Explain Everything

My class and I used our presentation skills once again to solve a math problem. There are many features available to Explain Everything for iPad.

Coding is the website we used to learn about computer programming and how important it is. Im sure this website inspired some new coders. The exercises for code are fun and limitless.