The duvet cover is a cover made with soft fabric that we call sheet, with different colors and prints drawings. Padding on the inside that will separate it may be down or synthetic, used in bed as if a blanket to cover us with the holster body heat a hot temperature is created which is recommended to be introduced cold rooms and little hot weather.

The different fabrics and finishes of the duvet covers can be Jacquard, Pique, satin or cotton duck, coordinating patterns and colors in the fabrics, these fabrics are used for the top of the cover and the inside fabric sheet sets who is with whom we have contact with the body during sleep. Although most of the duvet covers are made from fabric sheet that can be polyester and cotton or 100% cotton, these are lighter and softer to sleep.We have set three-piece Duvet Covers, which carries the introducer sheath filling, bottom sheet that fits the mattress and pillowcase.

Cotton Duvet Set two pieces bear only the top for filling and pillowcase. The bajeras are adjustable and have polyester cotton fabrics, 100% cotton thermal fabrics, flannel coral and perfect for the cold. Duvet Bedding Set stamped with groups of leaves on blurred background.