A reader's eye with Corwin Lee

Look through your reader's eye and what do you see?

How to survive the Medieval Times

Interested in living in a castle, slaying dragons, and fighting with a sword? Are you the heir to the kingdom, the knight, or a guard? Well today's your lucky day. You got chosen out of your siblings to become the knight of the kingdom. First you must honor your king. Then you train to carry the pieces of armor the sword. Just having the helmet on your head is like having a 5-year old sit on your head! Make sure you know how to swing a sword. Then you must prove to you king that you are worthy to be a knight. You will be knighted by the king. Next if there is a monster ravaging the lands, you must defend your kingdom from it and make sure it never comes back again. If you die during the battle you will be honored by the king. Then if there is war between your kingdom and another's you are going to be chose to be the champion. The champion fights to the death with the other. Hope you win! There will also be quests like King Arthur looking for the Holy Grail. Hope you like being a knight!

Advice with Lonnie!

Dear Lonnie,

I have lost a family member to a raid in a war. Knowing that you lost someone also, I wonder how did you get over it. My mother tells me that I am not eating as much and I keep staring into open space. I toss and turn at night and I have these dreams that seem so vivid of the day I lost my family member. I was there when I lost him. I was on an naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He welcomed us in open arms and he brought us to his cabin. Then came a BOOM! He ran outside and for as to stay in the garden. We ducked and covered and heard a soldier yell "Japanese bombers!". We hard a plane shouting, diving and guns firing in response. Then all was quiet. We crept out and saw wounded soldiers including my family member. Please help me with my post-traumatic distress.



An answer from Lonnie!

Dear Day dreamer,

I have lost my whole family in a fire. The way I got over my distress and my loss was to speak about it to you closest relatives and friends. I also wrote about my new life in poems. My sister also gave me a Bible to show me never to give up hope. The family member will always be there be there if you keep your memory of him in your heart. If you have a picture or relic of your family member, you can keep it with you at all times. The most common way for parents to help (if you tell them) is talking with you more and having more family time. Maybe these can help you get it over with.

Sincerely Lonnie

The Seedfolks Barbecue

Saturday, March 21st, 11:30am-4:15pm

Corner of Cleveland, Ohio

We are going to have a barbecue and we going to socialize with our fellow farmers. We are also going to give away the rest of the plots in the plantation to people who are willing to plant stuff in their plot to anyone who is willing to plant stuff there and work with other farmers. If you are a seedfolk in this garden, then come out and have some fun.