Highlights of the Week

April 8, 2016

Spring Season Is Here

Preprimary classmates and teachers are happy to be back together. We shared stories of the activities we experienced over vacation.

We have begun our study of Spring.

  • We made observations from our class window of changes in our trees and bushes beginning to bloom.
  • Mrs. Tobin brought in a red potato which now rests in a cup of water supported by 3 toothpick. It sits on our window sill where we will be making observations as it grows and changes.
  • Read several varieties of books about seeds and plants.
  • We changed our Winter Installation into a colorful Spring one by threading beads and artificial flowers onto pipecleaners. Each child wrapped and twisted his/her creation around the metal wires.
This is the National Week of Robotics

Preprimary visited the Library to watch groups of Third Graders build robots that made a marker draw circles.

Next week Preprimary will make robots with Mrs. Stifel in Library.