Summer Reading Skills


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Summer Reading Skills- Online Programs

The Summer Reading Program is a program developed by the Institute for Reading Development. This is a self-paced program that offers online lessons and direct teacher support. There are three to four 30 minute lessons a week. Books are mailed out two weeks prior to the start of class.

When: June 4th is the start date. This is the first date the teacher will be available. Courses last between 6-8 weeks, depending on the student's pace.

Cost: $249 for each grade level. Scholarships are available.


*Programs for 4 year olds and entering Kindergartners:

-letter recognition

-beginning phonics

-easy sight words

-learn to read simple words & short sentences

-develop a love of books & reading

*Program for Entering 1st Graders:

-learn to read independently

-learn phonics & sight words

-improve comprehension

-develop a love of books & reading.

*Program for Entering 2nd Graders:

-become a fluent, independent reader

-build solid phonics & word attack skills

-develop reading fluency & comprehension

*Program for Entering 3rd Graders:

-become a strong, fluent reader

-read long words

-develop reading fluency & comprehension

*Program for Entering 4th & 5th Graders:

-become a skilled, enthusiastic reader

-strong comprehension skills in fiction, non-fiction, and textbooks

-will be able to complete homework more quickly & easily

*Programs for Entering 6th-8th & Entering 9th-12th:

-improve comprehension in fiction & non-fiction

-learn to read twice as fast

-learn the best ways to read textbooks, take notes, & study for tests

Individualized programs include engaging online instruction, independent reading in great books, and a skilled and encouraging teacher.

For More Information or To Register:

Call 1-800-964-9974

Monday-Friday 5am-5pm

Saturday 5am-12pm

Inquire Early! Enrollment is limited.

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