Owl Notes

September 6


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*BUILDING OPEN - The building will be open this Saturday if you want/need to come work. The hours will be 8 - 4.

*Site Based and Team Leaders - Don't forget that we will be meeting with Dr. Winkler in the library on Monday. Please make plans to stay until 5.

*Official Walk throughs will start on Monday.

*Absences - As students are out, please remember that you need to be making contact with them and then put that contact into View It. We already have 6 we are watching and only 2 of these have parent contact information in View It.

*Staff Development - Tuesday - Remember that James and Missy will be presenting a staff development on Education Galaxy. This is a great opportunity to learn more about this program and how it can be implemented into the educational environment.

*School shirts - this year we will be selling school shirts through p.e. Thanks Felix! The flyer will be going out hopefully on Tuesday. Encourage parents to purchase as we do like our students in red shirts for field trips.

*September 19 - Parent Information Night - please encourage parents to attend.

*September 20 is our Academic Conference. Those invited to participate will receive notification next week. It will be at 9:30 a.m.

*HRS Level 1 Certification process will be on Monday, September 23 at 10:00 a.m. Those who have volunteered to sit on that will receive an email next week about a preparation meeting.


"This is the intro week for Positivity Project!! :) Please use this week to talk to your students about the Positivity Project and what we will be doing this year (learning about & practicing positive character strengths).

This week's focus is the Other People Matter Mindset. Talk with your students about how our actions and words have an impact on others. Feel free to use the graphic attached to discuss this with your students. There is not a slide show for this week so incorporate this however you would like to. The goal of this week is that our students 1. know what we are doing this year with the Positivity Project, 2. are aware that other people matter, and 3. are thinking about how their words and actions affect others."


On our OHI, consistently an area of weakness is cohesion. We know our teams, but we don't always have time to reach out and get to know others in our "Owl Family." So, we are launching a new activity designed to allow us to get to know each other (across the school) better and thus, build a more cohesive staff.

By Wednesday of next week, you will be contacted by your team leader. You will find out who is on your team and schedule a date to meet for a few minutes to get to know each other. Throughout the fall semester, your team is going to be asked to participate in a variety of challenges.

This group is dual purpose:

1. Get to know people across the school thus building a more cohesive staff.

2. Build a community both inside and out of the building so that our community knows who we are, what we stand for, and what we are about. (It's time we "toot our own horn,")

I am excited about this new venture for our school and know that it has the ability to transform our school to the next level if we will take the opportunity to do so.


Lisa McGarrah will be here on Monday, September 16 to meet with teams during their planning times. She is following up on learning in August staff development (SeeSaw or Canvas) and see what she can do to continue to support you with these programs.

She will also be having you sign up for a time for her to come in and teach/observe in the classroom. 3rd and 4th grade will be September 23 and PK-2 will be September 26. These sign ups are on a voluntary basis, but the more we use her, the more we get her help!


We are working on several different methods we can use for immediate feedback from walkthroughs. Here are a few options other than the forms we will add in Eduphoria:

*Do you still have your marble notebook from last year? If so, put it in a spot near your door where it is easily found. If you need a new one, please email Tami.

*Do you use MarcoPolo? If so, please add me and I can give feedback through that.

If you have other suggestions, please let us know. We want to give you immediate feedback and are looking for a variety of methods to use for this.


Team leaders have probably shared with you, but please make a google doc or a paper copy with transportation information for each of your students. Give that one document to the teacher who has your students during PLC time. This will help them ensure that students get home correctly.

Reminder that the weekly agenda needs to be posted in the Google Drive under CTT Agenda, 19-20 folder by Friday. That will help us all be prepared for the meeting next week. First grade, who meets on Friday, needs theirs in by Tuesday.


Karen Boren has graciously stepped up to head this group. If there are any willing volunteers to work with Karen, please email me and let me know. Even if you won't be able to meet every time, the more we have the easier the maintenance job is going to be.


*Bilingual Team - thank you for jumping in and dividing up all the books so quickly on Wednesday.

*THank you SHELBY HARVEY for letting me film you to practice my counseling skills for grade school. - Macy

*Thank you MISSY G for always listening and being the BEST team leader/friend.- Macy

*Thank you LISBETH M for always checking in on my sister-in-law and praying her through so much this past year. - Macy

*Gratitude to my team for so much amazing support! - Missy G.

*Susan H and Dena G for being the first to volunteer to help Lone Star students with obervation hours. Both students had a great day at ORE!



*integration of technology

*implementation of guided math 3x a week

*improving Tier 1 best practices


This will be a regular part of our newsletter from here forward. It is anonymous if you don't want me to know who submitted it. If you have suggestions and/or concerns throughout the year, this is one place you will have to let administration know.



Unless a decision needs to be taken to Team Leader or Site Based, answers will be poster here weekly as needed.



9 - Team Leader and Site Based meeting with Dr. Winkler

10 - Staff Development led by James and Missy

10 - Kathy Wolff's birthday

11 - Tami out to Principals' meeting

16 - Elsy DelSalto's birthday

16 - Lisa McGarrah staff development planning times

17 - PTO Meeting @ 9:30 a.m.

18 - SOURCE Committee meeting

19 - Parent Information Night

20 - Academic Conference - 9:30 a.m.

22 - Heather Quiroz's birthday

23 - Laverne Baugus and Missy Giammatteo's birthday

23 - HRS Level 1 Certification meeting

23 - Faculty Meeting

25 - ORHS Homecoming Parade

26 - Kathy Farris' birthday

26 - Staff development during planning

27 - Kathie Gensbigler, Michelle Anthony and Monique Jones' birthdays

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