Heights Updates

January 8, 2021

From The Principal

Hello Bulldog Families,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a nice holiday break. We celebrated differently this year, but it was nice to have some time off and disconnect for a while!

Some of our students and staff continued the work into the break, and they are all very appreciated. We had over 200 students take advantage of the opportunity of Academic Bootcamp during the Winter Holiday. Our next Academic Bootcamp will be held March 15-16 which is the first two days of spring break.

I would like to thank all of you that contributed to the PTO Feed the Bulldog Community Fundraiser. They were able to raise $15,000+ to continue to support the teachers and students of Heights High School. I appreciate your generosity in what is a very difficult financial time for many.

As we've ushered in 2021, we continue to see historic events unfold before our eyes. At Heights we remain committed to student safety, student mental health, and student learning. Please reach out to someone on campus if you have any concerns.

Social and Emotional Support

Communities In Schools of Houston and Bo's Place are hosting a group counseling session to support students through the stages of grief. There is still space for students to sign up. Please contact Ms. Cooper in CIS for additional details or questions.

Big picture

Information, Updates, and Action Items for ALL families

Progress Reports: Progress report grades will be finalized today by teachers and will be available to you next week. If your student is struggling in more than one class and they are still virtual, we highly encourage you to talk to your grade level admin or counselor about returning to in-person instruction for the next grading period.

Instructional Preference: The instructional preference survey is set to open next week for the 4th grading cycle. We need ALL parents to update their instructional preference during the window. Currently, we have almost 600 students who are signed up for on-campus instruction. However, we only have about 200 students on campus now. We do understand the reason behind many parents choosing to keep their students at home. However, it is important that we have accurate records so we can monitor class sizes for social distancing and know who is on campus as opposed to off for contact tracing.

Credit Recovery: Saturday credit recovery begins Saturday, January 16, 2020. This is one week later than originally planned to give students additional time to sign up. This is for students who have failed a course in previous school years to re-take the class for credit. Students can take up to two classes and regain 1 full credit if they meet the requirements. The information has been emailed to students from their counselors. The link to sign up can be found on the HUB in the Heights High School Student Course and Ms. Mesa has sent it through remind. Students must complete the sign-up process by Wednesday, January 13th.

Fall Finals: Our first semester ends on January 28. Semester exams for the fall semester will take place January 25th - 29th. See schedule attached.

Covid-19: We have received rapid-testing kits for Covid-19. We have received a very small quantity at this time. Parents must grant permission for students to be tested and those forms have been attached. More information will be forthcoming on Monday with details on the process for student testing.

Senior News

The FAFSA Priority Deadline for Texas is Friday, January 15th.

Students should make sure they have completed a college application before requesting that a transcript be sent to the college/university. If the institution does not have an application on file, they may not accept your transcript when it is sent. Request transcripts at: https://bit.ly/3gRXfx0

Junior News

Juniors should check their HISD email account to sign up for the PSAT on January 26th. If you are taking the PSAT on January 26th, please see your 2nd period teacher to schedule a time to take the semester exam for that class.

Ms. Agness will host a Live TEAMS event for Parents and Students on Senior Year/College Preparation coming in February Date TBA

End of First Semester Reminders- Upcoming Finals week, Finish strong with grades and attendance. Any questions related to second semester schedules please contact Ms. Agness ASAP.

Students that need Attendance Appeals or Credit Recovery for previous year classes remember to sign up on the HUB link.

SAT- March 3rd. Check email from Mr. Davis, Testing Coordinator

Sophomore News

Sophomores will have the opportunity to take the PSAT on February 22-23. This is not mandatory but it is encouraged. Information will be emailed to students from Larry Davis on how to sign up.

During the month of February, we will host virtual meetings for students and parents with additional information on course selection and the IB Diploma and IB Carreer Programme.

The personal project products are due this Sunday on the HUB under Heights Personal Projects course. The report, taught in world history classes, is due February, 28th 2021.

Please encourage your child to complete their products and to work on their reports.

Freshman News

Freshman students can take the PSAT on campus on January 11 - 15. This is not mandatory and students must be sign-up. Information was sent to students' HISD email prior to the winter holiday.

College Center News and Information

*** FAFSA Texas Priority Deadline: January 15, 2021

1/11 Monday: Financial Aid Open Hour 11AM

1/12 Tuesday: FAFSA Workshop 11AM

1/13 Wednesday: Financial Aid Open Hour 6PM

1/14 Thursday: Financial Aid Open Hour 11AM

1/15 Friday: Financial Aid Open Hours 11AM & 3PM