Dandelion flower

What does the Chicory looks like?

*The Chicory can be different colors depending on the season. The Chicory is usually blue but it can be purple or white. In the summer it is blue or purple. If it is really hot like the desert it will turn white and the leaves will turn brown.

*The leaves on the flower are called lanceolate smooth. You might say it looks like the end of a bow and arrow.

*The Chicory can grow to 1-5 ft tall. The Chicory's flower head can be 3/4-1 1/2 in wide.

*The Chicory blooms from July-November.

Where does the Chicory grow?

The Chicory is a common flower. It blooms every where. It usually blooms in fields, waste places, and road sides. The Chicory is also called the weather plant because it will close up when it rains.

What does thew Chicory make

If burn the Chicory it will turn into coffee. Back in the old days the Egyptians used that coffee for medicine.

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