Public Sevrice Announcement

By: Jayda Martell

What happens in the Bermuda Triangle?

Im here to tell you that the Bermuda Triangle isn't that dangerous... well sort of. Hi name is Flounder Fish. I live in the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is in the Atlantic Ocean by Florida, Puerto Rico, and many little islands. The Bermuda Triangle's warm waters actually attract tourists.

The Bermuda Triangle is not that dangerous. Frequent stroms can make it dangerous. I have seen ships and airplanes crash to the bottom of the ocean. Many of them were never found by people, but I swam through them.

Believe me it's not ghosts, magic, or aliens that make ships and airplanes crash. It's right in the middle of the most travled shipping lanes. Trust me I almost got hit by one of those ships.

There are also dangerous reefs. One of them has a strong water current that is called the Gulf Stream that flows right through the Bermuda Triangle.

That is the only way that the Bermuda Triangle is dangerous. (Well I got to swim. bye.)