Forensic Science Technicians

Meadow Mobley

What do Forensic Science Technicians do daily?

Forensic Science Technicians study physical evidence to help solve a crime.

What conditions do you have to work in?

Forensic Science Technicians have to be very social to help solve the crime, they often work indoors, and they also have to be extremely exact or everything will be wrong.

What is the yearly wage?

The yearly wage is $47, 360.

What training or preparation do you need?

You have to have a high school diploma, have a bachelor’s degree in science or a science-related technology, complete moderate-team, on the job training.

What skills would you need?

You have to be social, have knowledge in science, have knowledge of math, be able to work well with others, and to be able to think how others would.

What core classes or electives are recommended?

Science and math are important but also criminology, anatomy and physiology, and also computer applications.