Notes from the Hawthorne Library

Trimester One Newsletter

August 2022 to November 2022

Hello Hawthorne Families!

The first trimester of the year is a wrap...and wow, did it go fast! Please find included here information about library instruction, recaps of several special events, and other important news from the well as lots of photos! Speaking of photos, if you haven't already liked and followed us on Facebook, please do! I post lots of updates/activities/announcements and would love to have you join us!

In a few weeks, you will receive your student's progress report. You will notice that there is a space on the report card for library media education. I hope you will take a few moments to read the narrative and discuss it with your child. This narrative helps communicate how the work we do in library connects to the state library media standards as well as to the rest of your child's education. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season,

Ms. Morrison

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Our focus this trimester has been on getting to know one another and getting familiar with library procedures. Kindergartners learned the vocabulary for parts of a book and spent several lessons discussing the importance of taking good care of our library books. We have progressed from checking out from a cart of books to checking out from the shelves...this may be the earliest I have ever allowed Kindergartners full access to the picture book shelves, but our Kindergartners this year are such a responsible group! We read lots of autumn themed stories and learned about the role of authors and illustrators in preparation for our author visit from Bozeman-based author Nick Mask in late November.

First Grade

The first grade students kicked off the year with lots of great discussions about how to become better, stronger readers. We talked about good fit books and worked on strategies for finding these in the library. In October, we started a multiweek unit on the books of Mo Willems, author and illustrator of the Pigeon books, the Elephant and Piggie books, and many others. Their favorite activity was dancing along with Elephant and Piggie using the Mo on the Go app; it's always good to get your wiggles out at the end of the day! We spent some time reviewing the role of authors and illustrators in November in preparation for Nick Mask's visit to our school.


The second and third grade students started the year participating in discussions about good character and contributing to our PAX vision board. We took a few weeks to review procedures for getting logged into the library Chromebooks and accessing the library Clever page. We spent November learning to use Buncee, a digital response tool that allows students to use visual graphics and animations to show their learning. We will be using Buncee a lot over the year! Here are a few samples of "Gratitude Jars" that students created in Buncee in advance of Thanksgiving:


We spent the first few weeks getting reacquainted with one another and developing our PAX vision for the library. Following that, we began working with Chromebooks (logging in went a lot faster with this group!) and accessing the library Clever page. The students did a mini-research unit on Native American tribes in preparation for their field trip to the Last Chance Community Powwow and spent a few weeks reviewing Buncee. We've just started the Young Readers Choice Award program; student who read at least four of the seven nominated books are invited to vote in the regional election and to attend a pizza party with me in early April! We are using a digital reading log in Buncee to track our reading. Ask your student if they've read any of the books - there are so many great ones this year!
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First we had a Scholastic Book Fair...

For the first time since 2019, the Hawthorne Library hosted a Scholastic Book Fair and WOW! was it a success! Thank you, families, for your tremendous support of our library, for getting books into the hands of your kiddos, and for waiting in that long, long line! Despite this being my 16th year as a school librarian, that was my very first time ever hosting a book fair, and I am thrilled with how it went! After two long years of not getting to see many Hawthorne families, it was such a joy to meet so many of you and connect parents and grandparents with thanks for coming!

...then we had a book sale at Montana Book Company...

The very next week, you all came out in droves to support our second annual Hawthorne Shopping Day at Montana Book Company! Chelsia and Charlie, who run the store, are such fantastic community partners and it was such a thrill to offer this opportunity to our Hawthorne families once again. With over $6000 in sales that Saturday, the library earned nearly $900 in store credit to be used to purchase new books for our library! My gratitude is boundless.

...and then we had an author visit!

On Tuesday, November 29th, Bozeman author and illustrator Nick Mask visited Hawthorne School K-2 students. He read several of his books, answered questions about his writing and illustrating process, and led the students in a drawing activity. Here are a few photos of the day - check out our Hawthorne Library Facebook page for lots more! It was such a treat to introduce our kids to a working author/illustrator, and I was so proud of their participation, their questions, and their eagerness to learn and listen. Nick will be at the Montana Made Fair this weekend, so if you missed the opportunity to purchase a book on Tuesday, you can get one there!

Hawthorne School Library

Hope Morrison, Librarian

MS in Library and Information Science

National Board Certified Teacher