Ms. Soltysiak and Ms. Heaster

Become a Leader in Kindergarten

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In the Classroom:

Students will be discussing the characteristics of living and nonliving things (how we know). Did you know a pumpkin is a living thing? Did you know a rock is not a living thing? Can you explain your answer? In Math, we are reviewing all of the concepts we have been learning: continuing to practice counting to 100, both by ones and tens; counting to know how many; comparing to know which is more, less, or equal; adding (joining) and subtraction (taking away); and how numbers work together to make other numbers, for example, 4 and 1 is the same amount as 5.

Please complete homework nightly so that routines for homework can be established. Remember to read each night to reach the 300 minutes each month. Your child will receive a book charm.

Sight Word Focus: we, can, to, the, like, at, run, a, I, need, want

Leader in Me

Anderson Creek Primary School embraces the 7 Habits

of Leader in Me. These habits are listed and explained in

your child’s agenda in their daily take-home binder.

October - I will be proactive and I will set goals for myself. In October, practice being proactive (taking care of yourself and getting your "stuff" done, like homework and chores). Also, focus on setting goals for yourself (what do you want to improve?).

Dates to Remember

Monday January 4th: Welcome Back

Friday January 15th: End of Second Nine Weeks

Monday January 18th: Martin Luther King Jr Holiday (No School)

Tuesday January 19th: Optional Teacher Work Day (No School For Students)

Wednesday January 20th: Mandatory Teach Work Day (No School For Students)

Monday January 25th: Report Cards Issued

What to work on at home:

Please continue reading and asking your child comprehension questions about the story. Please make sure that your child is reading to you every night and practicing the sight word list in his/her binder. Thank you for all you do to work with your child every night.

Continue practicing counting to 100 by ones and tens, number recognition through 20, writing numerals up to 20, and making sets up to 20 (using any kinds of objects you may have around the house), and naming shapes and explaining how he/she knows.


The more your child talks to you to explain his/her thinking, the better.

Class Schedule

7:45-8:00- Sign in; Greet students; Lunch Choices, Morning Work
8:00-8:20- Morning work, breakfast, restroom
8:20-8:30- phonics; phonemic awareness activities
8:30-10:00- Core Literacy with balanced literacy (blended Core Ready reading and writing; shared, interactive, independent reading/writing)
10:00-11:00- guided reading; tubbies (integrate content); centers
11:05-11:50- Resource; planning
11:55-12:25- LF Math mini lesson
12:35-1:00- Lunch
1:00-1:30- Recess
1:30-1:45- Independent Reading
1:45-2:35- LF Math continued, Math Groups; math tubbies
2:30-2:50- content; reading group as needed; daily reflection and pack-up
2:50-3:30- dismissal (car/van riders/first load; then second load).

Resource Schedule: 11:20-12:05

Monday: Media/Technology

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE

Friday: Guidance/ Leadership Skills

Classroom Wishlist


EXPO dry erase markers for students to use

post-it notes for students to use

paper plates (real paper ones (uncoated); cheaper ones; small and regular size)

motivational/reward stickers


treasures (for treasure box)

extra crayons/markers

snacks for the classroom

card stock

long sentence strips


extra folders and notebooks

All About Me

HELLO!! My full name is Sara Soltysiak. It can be hard to say my last name so I can also be called Ms. S instead of Ms. Soltysiak until the children can pronounce it. I am originally from Poughkeepsie, New York.

I got introduced to the Education field at a young age. My mother had her own daycare in our house when I was growing up, before she became a Pre-k and Kindergarten teacher. By the time I was a junior in High School I began to attend a program at a school called Dutchess County Boces where I spent half of the day in my junior and senior years of high school learning about becoming a teacher. I was able to intern in pre-k, kindergarten and first grade classrooms. I then attended a 2 year school where I earned my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education birth-grade 2. Next I attended The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY to earn my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education birth- grade 2 with a concentration in English Language Arts. In 2006 while attending my first year at college I was working as a preschool teacher where I stayed for 6 years before becoming a head toddler teacher at Bright Horizons, to finally working at a school called Anderson Center for Autism where I worked with boys from the ages of 17-21, on top of student teaching in both kindergarten and first grade classrooms. Lastly I taught first grade last year at Anderson Creek Club Charter School.

Here are some personal and fun facts about me. My birthday is September 4th. I am the middle child out of three. I have an older sister who lives in New York City and works in marketing and is getting married September 19th, and a younger brother who is a junior at Marist College back in New York. My mother is a Special Education Teacher and my father is a project manager for construction companies. I love all types of sports! My favorite teams are the New York Jets, New York Yankees, and New York Rangers! My favorite color is pink and my favorite flower is the SUNFLOWER. Lastly I love country music and Disney movies!

I am really excited to be apart of the Anderson Creek Cubs now here at Anderson Creek Primary School and I am looking forward to being apart of helping your child grow this year with learning!
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