Coca Cola

Production History

  • John S. Pemberton created the first batch of Coca Cola in a vat in his backyard
  • First sold at a pharmacy for 5 cents a bottle
  • Originally marketed as a medicine to treat minor stomach ailments and headaches
  • The name and the flavor come from coca leaves and kola nuts

Coca Cola logo by The Coca Cola Company. Image is available for us in the public domain.

Impact on Industrial Growth

  • The companies unique method of distribution allowed independent bottlers to brew and distribute the product
  • This franchise system is still an industry stand today

Fun Facts

  • The original recipe contained coca leaves from which cocaine is derived
  • Cocaine was removed from the recipe in 1903 but the soda still contains a non-narcotic coca leaf extract
  • Coca Cola's logo was based off of how Pemberton's accountant wrote the name long hand
  • Model and actress Hilda Clark was the face of CocL Cola's marketing campaign during the 19th century

19th Century Coca Cola Advertisement. This image is available for use in the public domain.