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Jamestown is a place with food shelter protection and walls make the community big.It was a cold hazy night and the men on the boat were trying to reach america. They wanted to set a base beside the river. At the place they were at they became lazy and poor. The place there at is a mystery if you want to find out about the new place called Jamestown then read about my stuff.

Coming to Jamestown

Splash,splash thats the sound of the boat. The 120 men and teenagers were on a wooden boat.It was a cold month and the men were trying to reach america. 15 passengers died be cause of hypothermia and the boat was shaking hard. The men begain to set a base beside a river. But it was next to a swamp . Materials were transport in a harder way and horses might not get though the mud. They build forts several houses and a store room to keep supples. They could get diseases and mosquito breeds. Sinse jamestown was not really a good place because of the swamp things went downhill.

Jamestown Not Doing So Well

Bang bang Jamestown falling away. Jamestown has been falling apart the men were to lazy to do anything. Have of the men on bord were from the gentlemen class they never worked with their hands even most of the colonst never farmed ether. The Virginia Company made matters worst by ordering the colonst to share food they grew. Wether they worked or not they grew weak and never really worked hard. Trying to get get along with the indians? the Colonist stool food corn and foght with the indes and people they try to trade with. The Colonist won't survive without food not laziness and stilling will definitely get themselves killed.

Captain John Smith Saves Jamestown

Mysterious man takes Jamestown to a hardcore working town. John smith was made as a teacher he started making the colonist lazy to an end. John smith made sir that the lazyness was done so theirs a rule that if you don't work you shall not eat. They started working hard and haunting for food thanks to smith. They got along better with the Indians and traded with them. I think john smith saved a good country. Sinse John smith arivved to Jamestown everything went better an got along with the indians plus they stoped being lazy john smith saved jamestown but maybe not.


Make Jamestown a town make jamestown a awesome place for people. Jamestown is a good place to make a good community. At first Jamestown was broken and out of shape. John smith helped Jamestown turn around. Jamestown back then was out of shape but in modern days its a lot better.


Hazy: cloudy smoke fog mist. Hypothermia: very could to get this disease water also the right temperature to cause it. Indians: guys that are smart stealth and make cool weapons to protect and haunt. Jamestown: cool little town that became popular in the U.S.A. Mystery: to know little bits of evidence but don't know the true MYSTERY.


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Hey my name is michel kimmy I love video games an my xbox one I also watch youtube on my pc. Im not lazy and sit on my futon I play active sports like football basketball and soccer I also jog.