all about Belgium

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in this smore, readers will learn all about Belgium, its geography and travel, its government, its economy, its social and ethnic groups, and, traditional holidays, and more.

Geography and travel

Belgium has three main regions, the north-west, the coastal plain, and the central plateau. the three largest cities in Belgium are, Brussels, the population of Brussels is 1,019,022. There is also Antwerp, the population of Antwerp is, 459,809. The next one is Ghent, the population of Ghent is 231,493. the last major city is Charleroi, the population of Charleroi is 200,132.

Government/ foreign policies

The form of government that Belgium has, is a constitutional monarchy.The current leader of Belgium is King Philippe, he was crowned king in July 2013, he is currently 55 years old. Belgium has an unlimited government.


The currency that Belgium has is the Franc. Belgium exports, machinery and equimpment, metals and metal products,finished dimonds. belgium is a tiny county compared to the united states, so therefore belgium is not as wealthy as the united states.

Social and Ethnic groups

The ethnic groups in Belgium are, Walloon 31%, Flemish 53%, mixed or other 11%.

religon, language, country flag

58% of the religion is catholic. The main language is Flemish. each color on the flag represents something, black represents the shield of the coat of arms, yellow is the lion, and red is the tongue and claws. The flag was adopted on January 23,

Traditional holidays or festivals, traditional clothing, and food

Belgian National day, it marks the start of the independent state of Belgium under a constutional monarchy and parliment. The tratitional clothing that they would were is smocks and berets for men, and for women, the Huntress. Some traditional foods in belgium are, waffles, and fries, and chocolate.