9 Elements of Digital Citizenship!

By: Emily Wei

Digital Literacy!

You must know Digital Literacy in order for you to be able to use technological devices. Digital Literacy are the skills, knowledge, and behaviors you use online and what you know about electronic devices. One of your skills online is knowing how to use the internet safely. When developing an understanding of computers, Digital Literacy is the first step. Knowing how to properly use computers will help create more fun when using them!

Digital Etiquette!

Digital Etiquette is like having proper behavior at the dinner table, the only different thing is that you are now following simple rules online. A way you can use proper Digital Etiquette is following Digital Laws. Respect others and keep your privacy. Refrain from cyber bullying because you always want to treat others the way you would want to be treated. You will definitely be more happy and make the other people around you happy if you respect others!

Digital Laws!

The rules you must follow when online, are Digital Laws. In order to have fun and be safe you must follow those laws! For example, one Digital Law says that you can't cyber bully. Your responsibilities online are Digital Laws. You have a better time on the internet if you follow them.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities!

Digital Rights and Responsibilities are the privileges you have that say you can use resources and be apart of Social Media if you are willing to be appropriate and treat others the way you would like to be treated (no cyber bullying). It is your responsibility to have fun online while following the guidelines. It is also your right to be on Social Media.

Digital Commerce!

Digital Commerce is when you buy products from people or stores online. An example is online shopping is buying clothes online. Sometimes, things don't turn out the way you thought they would. For example, if you order a backpack for school and it turns out to be a tiny one that fits in the palm of your hand (that happened to me). Be sure to check the sizing and make sure the price is reasonable for what you are ordering.

Digital Communication!

Digital Communication is the way you interact with others on the internet. You must be respectful to others. Also, think about what you say before you say it, some people may take what you say the wrong way. For example, if you say something that is meant to be in a sarcastic way, your friend might think that its meant to be mean. There are good things about Digital Communication too, you get to text your friends/family if they moved away or they are on vacation.

Digital Health and Wellness!

Digital Health and Wellness means that you should limit yourself when using technology. Don't make what people say on the internet so important to you because if someone says a comment online that sounds a bit mean but isn't meant to be you can take it the wrong way. This is important for your emotional health. Have fun on the internet! It's not meant to be a bad place. Make sure that if someone adds a mean comment then you just ignore it. Remember that you are you and you are awesome!

Digital Access!

When you participate in something online such as having an Instagram Account or a Youtube Channel that is digital access. If you have a phone or computer, you are able to access those apps. You are also able to access the internet from a computer or tablet. You can do fun things such as purchasing toys and texting your friends!

Digital Security!

Digital Security means that you are keeping information about you to yourself and not telling others your password. You must be aware of what you do online and think before you do it. This is for your safety and other people's. Keep your private information private and you will enjoy your time on the internet. Also, you can be safe by following Digital Security a well as Digital Laws.
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