Literature In The 1920s

Kelly McCall

Authors of this time....

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Published The Great Gatsby in 1925, and wrote short stories that focused on the Jazz Age.

Langston Hughes

Wrote poems.

Ernest Hemingway

He was a writer who witnessed horrors of World War I and wrote stories in a simplified way; The Sun Also Rises.

Famous Writers of The Newspaper

David Sarnoff

The creator of the National Broadcasting Company who helped develop television. He became the most powerful figure in the communications and media industries. He claimed to have scooped the world on the Titanic disaster, staying at his telegraph key for 72 hours. development.

Will Rogers

The comedian and social critic rose to radio stardom in 1922. He was famous for saying, "I never met a man I didn't like." Rogers regarded Congress as his "joke factory." He became a syndicated writer whose columns appeared in more than 400 newspapers.

The Harlem Renaissance

This was the movement in African-American culture; art and literature. This time was mainly focused on the stressed themes concerning need for self-definition and the changing role of women in society.
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