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Holiday Break Update

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School Update

Dear Families,

Everyone experiences the month of December with their own lens, availing different perspectives on "the holidays", based on past and current experiences, cultural/religious beliefs, intersectional identities, and the ever-changing impact on our lives from Covid-19.

As we wrap up 2021, it is evident that we all want to spread love and joy to those around us. We are mindful that not all families partake in the same religious/cultural traditions, or feel the same way about upcoming events.

In these times of uncertainty, it is our collaborative responsibility to ensure everyone feels supported and part of a caring community and value all identities, perspectives, and experiences this season.

Enjoy this winter break and allow yourself and your family to truly break, experience rest, recognize and accept emotions and find joy in the big and small moments we share. Thank you Lancaster families for all of your support of our staff and your children over these last few months.

It is important that all students continue to be screened every day using the online active screening tool:

Please keep your children home when indicated and follow Public Health directives to get tested: we continue to work hard at the school to ensure that students are being vigilant about adhering to Covid protocols, and appreciate families doing their part as well.

On behalf of our Lancaster staff we wish all of our families a wonderful winter break together, see you back in January : )

Your leaders in learning,

Lani Fox and Sara O'Hearn

Here Are Some Helpful Tips To Support Yourself and Loved Ones Through Holiday Stressors

Here are 5 Self-Care Tips:

1. Exercise – Exercise is a great mood regulator. It reduces stress, improves mood and concentration and combats depression. Don’t skip your workouts.

2. Express Gratitude – Take time to reflect and appreciate the things that you are grateful for in your life. Little things matter too! Don’t forget to let others know the gratitude you feel.

3. Set Realistic Expectations – There is no such thing as a perfect holiday and this year will be no exception! Ask yourself if your goals are realistic and attainable. If not, stop it! Yeah, I said it. Stop it! Re-evaluate and modify. YOU are doing the best you can under the circumstances!

4. Feel – The holidays can evoke strong emotions (positive and negative) related to losses, relationships and family gatherings. It is okay to “pause” and acknowledge your feelings. Meditating, calling up a trusted friend to have a vent session or simply going for a walk may help to relieve unwanted tension.

5. Live in the Moment – Don’t get so wrapped up in yesterday or tomorrow that you don’t find time to gratify in the reason for the season; moments that make the holidays magical. Take notice of sights, sounds, and smells."


Here is a tip sheet from School Mental Health Ontario


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Contact your School Advisory Council Using the link below

Connecting our Lancaster Community - Do you own your own business in Kingston?

The School Advisory Council for Lancaster Drive Public School would like to invite you to join our Lancaster Connect community directory. We want to connect with you and provide a way for you to find people or resources within our school community. The School Advisory Council funds a wide range of activities for the school and we would like to utilize and support businesses within our school community wherever possible. Please join us in creating this community directory by providing your business and contact information below. Once we collect all of the responses, we will share the link to the directory in the weekly school newsletter "Together in Education". You can print out the paper copy and send it in with your child to school or use the Google link in next week's newsletter.
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Daily COVID Screener for Students

Save this link to complete your screening before coming to school each day

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Cobs Bread

Love tasty baked goods from Cobs Bread?? Every time you visit Cobs Bread Bakery at 770 Gardiners rd. in Kingston simply let them know you are supporting Lancaster School’s Fundraiser and they will donate 10% of your sale to us!

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