Feed Teaching Component (pg. 64-85)

By Ben Pirro

What is a feed?

A feed provides a user constantly updated information. Companies use feeds to show consumers their latest products. The consumers are able to view this immediately, through the access of all modern technology. These feeds are available through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Dead Language

· Marty creates a game called “Struggle of the Dying Warrior” (Anderson 64)

· Violet and Titus talk about their families, discussing their parents occupations (Anderson 64)

· She translates her writing from BASIC to English: “I came, I saw, I conquered” (Anderson 66)

· Violet couldn’t give a real reason as for why her father wasn’t with them on the moon (Anderson 67)


· The technician repairs everyone’s feeds (Anderson 68)

· Each character began feeling the feed take over their body (Anderson 70)

· They began dancing out of joy (Anderson 71)

(Part 3-Utopia) Normal

· Everything was officially back to normal (Anderson 75)

· Titus was checked for a virus, because of the previous software problem (Anderson 76)

· Violet tells Titus she is homeschooled, and how she doesn’t really go to parties (Anderson 78-79)

Undervalued Truffle

· Both Titus and Violet arrive at the party (Anderson 81)

· There is alcohol, which brings out timidity in Violet (Anderson 82)

· Quendy calls Calista a “pig,” while she speaks to Titus (Anderson 82)

New Historicism/Cultural Studies:

The generation in the novel Feed, is a generation dependent on technology. They need their feed in order to able to function and communicate with each other. Rather than people learning from face to face communication, the characters in Feed use social-media to learn instead.

"my dad did some kind of banking thing, and my mom was in design. I didn't understand what my dad did exactly" (Anderson 64)

"I looked at her funny. 'You write?' I said. 'With a pen?" (Anderson 65)

"We were dancing in it like rain, and we couldn't stop laughing, and we were running our hands across our bodies, feeling them again..." (Anderson 71)


The characters in this novel show traits of psychoanalytic theory, specifically when dealing with past events.

'"Your father, he's a college professor, but he was too busy to come see you after you like completely collapsed from a hacker attack? Too busy'

She looked me in the eye. 'No,' she said, 'but that's what I told you.'" (Anderson 67)

"'Do you think things are going to be different?'...'From the way things were before." (Anderson 79-80)

Discussion Questions

Violet wonders if her relationship with Titus will be different after their experience

losing the feed. What do you think? Will it?

Does the newscast from the president, about how the American Industry is

responsible for the lesions, make sense? Does he support his statement? What about

his language? Why is this included?

Why is Titus upset about the unmanned boat on the water in the painting. “no one to

look to the horizon.” What does it mean? Why end the chapter this way?

Essential Question

How has technology changed our communication?

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