summer reading summary

fever 1739

IN the book fever 1793 a plague hits the city of Philadelphia. The plague kills many of the citizen's living in the city of Philadelphia.
14 year old Mattie cook is living in the city of Philadelphia when suddenly her friend Polly gets struck with the fever and dies. Not that long after Polly's death more people die of the fever and the infection rate spikes. Mattie lives with her mother and grandfather and a servant named Eliza they all run a coffee house on high street when others flee they decide to stay. Mattie's mother is stricken with yellow fever and must be bleed a bunch of times then she disappears after Mattie and her grandfather leave Philly.

par 2

once Mattie cook and her grandfather leave they are acaused of having the fever matte gets the fever a few days later. and goes to bush hill to get treated but her grand farther dies because robbers come in and they get into a fight with him and he dies of his heart. Mattie brings her grandfather to the graveyard and then she leaves and finds a little girl in a house. and then se runs into Eliza on the street and she goes to her house.