Water Quality PSA Project

Destiny, Merchayle & Jasia

why is water quality important?

Water quality is important because it helps protect surface waters. It restores the quality of Nation's surface water. Some standards helps identify water quality problems caused by improperly treated waste water discharge. They are also identified by runoff or discharge from mining sites. Standards also forms effort to maintain protective water quality conditions.

How does your focus ¨Down the drain¨ affect water quality?

When water goes down the drain it is affecting water quality because if you pour water down the drain with chemicals in it then the chemicals can get in a septic tank or a municipal sewer system. When the chemicals get in either of those then it will cause them to clog up and that won't allow water to get to the plants. If there is no water getting to the plants then when the sun hits the plants there will be no infiltration because of the chemicals in the tank underground.

How can water quality be affected ?

One of the ways water quality can be affected is sewage. Sewage is a major problem and most people don't have access to safe drinking water. Another kind of toxic pollution are from heavy metals like cadmium, lead, and mercury. Detergents from dishwashers and washing machines end up in rivers and oceans.

How can you save water?

You can save water by turning the water of when your washing dishes. When your brushing your teeth you can turn the water off until you need it.You can save water by taking shorter showers. Use water conservant appliances.