Born 2 b Wild

Cain Netko

Dangers to Animals

Wild animals have very specific needs like diet if you feed a animal anything different then what they usually eat they could react wrong and get sick. If the animal is from a different area they could not know the plants and animal and if they eat the wrong plant they could die. That animal could play a big part in there family like gathering and if they lose that animal the family could suffer.

Dangers to People

Animals can carry many diseases like Rabies and Monkey Pox they can be spread by bites. Animals can be very cute when there babies but they grow and can be dangerous because of there teeth and claws.

Impact on environment

They could impact the environment and the population of the animals it usually eats could go up and the plants that it eats and catch a disease from the other animals around them.

Whats legal and Illegal

It is legal to keep wild animals as pets in only the states of Wisconsin, Idaho, Nevada, North Carolina,South Carolina and West Virginia.


A women's nephew was pulled under a cage and mauled by her pet brown bear. A man gets mauled by his 650 pound tiger when he went into feed it. A women is attacked by her brown bear that she had kept for 9 years.

What do the numbers say

Numbers say 1,610 people from 1990-2011 have reported incidents including exotic animals being kept as pets. 90% of reptiles feces include salmonella.

What do the experts say

Dr. Larry Peckring says that exotic animals are a danger to children and shouldn't be kept as pets.