Do Dogs Feel Emotions

By: Savannah Munkel

They Do Have Emotions

Most people can see and understand the emotions in their dog quite easily. For example, you come home and your dog dances, runs, and wags his tail, so you think to yourself, “Toby is happy to see me,” or “Toby really loves me.” Maybe you’re out on a walk and at the approach of another dog Max freezes in his steps, his hair raised, and gives a low throaty growl. We use our background knowledge and our brain to interpret this as “Max does not like that dog.” Seeing him makes Max angry.” In such situations the emotional state of our dogs seems quite obvious.

Simple Emotions

For this reason it is difficult for many people to understand that the existence of emotions in dogs was -and in some places still is - a point of scientific controversy. They feel joy after a job well done. They feel sad when a pack (family) member passes away. And they feel love for their pack (family) members.

These are just a few of the emotions that dogs feel. :)

Dogs Don't Lie

However it is important to remember that those emotions are different from our own. The feelings that dogs experience aren't connected to complex thoughts. They don't have ulterior motives or doubt. Their emotions are pure and honest. Your dog isn't lying to you when he communicates that he loves you.