AP Psychology

GaVS, Mrs. Mitchell, Spring 2017


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Have you set up your email properly?

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How to be successful in the online environment

  • Make sure your GaVS email is set up properly.
  • Print your calendar! It provides a daily guide! Though assignments are due every other Thursday, I strongly suggest following the daily schedule to ensure you meet course expectations.
  • Communicate with me! I am not at your local school so I do not know things face-to-face teachers do unless you let me know!
  • Don’t be afraid to come to the online chat sessions for discussions about material. The bootcamp sessions are designed to help YOU!
  • Don’t turn in work late!
  • Pace yourself!
  • Take advantage of extra credit opportunities! (These will be addressed as we get further into the semester but stay tuned!)
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Listening to the recordings are a great way to stayed informed about the class. I often address questions you have preemptively to save you some stress =) These WILL count as one option for extra credit this semester. Make sure to listen to the appropriate recording to find out what the extra credit will be!

Just in case...

If the gavirtualschool.org website is down here is a link students can use to login directly to the student information systems. PLEASE bookmark the link!!!


College Board

If you have not already used this site, you MUST!! Whether you are headed off to college next year or in the near future, it is very helpful to search through perspective colleges and view their AP credit acceptance. Remember don't avoid taking an exam because "your college" does not accept the credit. You have NO IDEA how your plans will change in the future and a transfer may make a once "not accepted credit" now count for you! You need to talk to your facilitator NOW about attempting the AP EXAM in MAY! I do not sign you up----you have to take care of that through your traditional school!
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Need Extra Help?

  • Shmoop!! It is an awesome place to partake in practice quizzes as well as find some unit summaries of the material! In addition, it one of your options for class extra credit! (more info to come later!)
  • Hippocampus.org – Breaks down all of the units we discussed into topic summaries. This site is also helpful for your other courses as well!
  • Allpsych.org – This is a good site that serves as a reference guide for many of the basic terms and concepts we discuss (almost like a psychology dictionary!)
  • This site also provides some visuals: http://learner.org/resources/series138.html (this is one referenced in the course to view for some assignments)
  • SparkNotes!! - http://www.sparknotes.com/psychology/ - Great summaries!!!
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Want to earn an A in all your discussions? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Consistently present creative ideas that foster further discussion.
  2. Be sure all your posts consistently relate to the topic with comments specific to content and include supplemental information.
  3. Express your opinions and ideas clearly, with obvious connections to the topic.
  4. Consistently use appropriate grammar, mechanics, and diction for this academic environment.
  5. Demonstrate good self-initiative and respond promptly to others’ postings

Want to avoid a bad grade on your discussions? Be sure to avoid:

  1. demonstrating little effort and appearing indifferent.
  2. posting irregular topics or remarks.
  3. posting unclear ideas that have to direct connection to the course content.
  4. including grammar, spelling, punctuation, or usage errors in your posts.

Unsure about how to respond in a discussion? Consider:

  1. summarizing the other person's main point to clarify
  2. adding some relevant real-life examples
  3. asking a couple of questions
  4. adding more info from the course content to support or refute that person's ideas

I hope this helps!

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