Cafe and Library owner

Mackenzie Owens


On the first floor you'll find the cafe where we serve coffee and pastries, and if you take the metal stairs up to the second floor you'll find a library with soft chairs and shelves full of the oldest to newest books. On the weekends we read to children for free and in our small town we all know each other. When you walk in the little bell will ring and people, friends, or family are very welcome to find their own seat and we are to be with them shortly, or they could walk up to the counter and order. The spare key is hidden under the welcome mat.

How to work here


You could be a waitress/waiter, a cashier, the librarian, you could volunteer to read to the children, or you could help clean up after hours. It doesn't matter if you have a degree or not but we strongly recommend that you go to college for at least the minimum amount of years if the opportunity is given. If two or more trainees are going for the same job, no amount of certificates or recommendations will qualify you more than another trainee. Options will be given fairly.

About Us

If you need any service or having any questions you can contact us at any given information below.

Profit and Ranking

The average hourly wage is $3.27 plus and tips the employees receive. In our small town of Jackson we are ranked 3rd best to invest stock in.