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By:Jacob Guetzkow

Great leaders are made through Hard work and Determination

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“How many make it through the first year?” asked Ender “all who want to” said Graff. Enders family and Graff were talking about taking Ender to battle school and Enders dad was asking how many kids actually make it in command of a ship and Graff replied with all who make it through the first year will at least make it to chief commissioner

C. Card, Orson S. Ender's Game. New York:Tom Doherty Associates, 2002.Print.

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“Leadership is about understanding and having a vision, and having the capacity to help others move from not understanding the vision to adopting the vision and becoming an evangelist for the vision; from not knowing how to accomplish the vision to taking the steps necessary to fulfill the vision; from doubting self to confidence in leading others." Watson states that a leadership is getting followers to understand and accomplish a task and this shows the theme by saying that people will only follow if they think the leader is capable.

David Watson, Post-Courier (Papua New Guinea), Mar 29, 2012,p1

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In the video Roselinde states “Great leaders dare to be different, they just don't talk about risk taking they actually do it”This is Roselinde branching off of her 3rd question which is are you courageous enough to abandon the past. She gets there by saying if you get to a leadership position the chances are you will go back to what feels comfortable. Roselinde is saying that great leaders are going to take risks and trust that the people they are leading instead of doing whatever is comfortable.

Roselinde Torres. “What it takes to be a great leader.”

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