Colonies of Notrh America

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Colonies of North America

New England

New England contains many English colonies, it is located in the north eastern corner of the future United States, and Contains the colonies (from north to south) Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Middle Colonies

The Middle colonies are just south of the New England colonies. It includes (North to South) New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies were, as the name implies, south of the Middle Colonies and New England. They were (from North to South) Maryland, Virginia (named for the "Virgin Queen"), North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia (named for King George).

River Tours

The Potomac River

The Potomac River flows form the Chesapeake bay, between Maryland and Virginia, and ends near Pennsylvania. Following this beautiful river will start with a glorious view of two of the original 13 colonies of the united states and with a pleasant view of the flat, watershed area in Pennsylvania. The 405 mile trip is endlessly fascinating, it begins with the opening from the Chesapeake bay and soon you reach Saint Clements state park where you can camp, hike, and cook until you are ready to leave. As you paddle out through Dukeharts Channel you are reminded how desolate and calm the Island is, only accessible by boat it is extremeley tranquil. The river continues like this, you find more and more state parks and small towns along your way.

Ohio River

The Ohio River is a second great American river. Long and winding it cuts through flat fields and other agricultural land as it snakes through Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. At it's widest it is just 1 mile across so it is ideal for canoes or kayaks on a day trip that don't want to brave the larger lakes or waves of the ocean. The greatest part of this river is the history. As you go along you meet up with countless Native American reserve sites where hundreds and thousands of years ago stood great river valley civilizations similar to those in Mesopotamia. This river had great significance to many Native Americans and it is a great way to connect with them. It is also significant as it was the dividing line between free and slave states before the Civil War. Come on down and look at the vast beauty that it has to offer while you contemplate the historical significance of this great river.

Q & A

Q: Explain British's purpose for establishing the Georgia colony and the Pennsylvania


A: Georgia was a place for debters (penal colony) and Pennsylvania was a place for people facing religious prosecution

Q: Describe William Penn's vision for Pennsylvania.

A: He wanted it to be a place for Quakers to flee religious prosecution

Q: What was the name of New York City prior to English control?

A: New Netherlands

Q: How did the English divide up New York?

A: They divided it into Province of New York the provinces of: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware Colony, Connecticut Colony

Q: Why did the English focus their early colonization efforts on the North and South Carolina's?

A: Because it was wooded there and they were looking for more resources because they had used all of Englands in the 15th century.