Marine Biology

By: Emmarose Bader

What a person in this career does

A Marine Biologist studies all living organisms that live in salt water, they also may study with whales, dolphins, or seals. Marine Biologists can also train animals that you may see at the circus. Marine Biologists study different types of seaweed,algae, and fungus that lives underwater. Marine Biologist can train with dolphins, whales ,and seals. Marine Biologist can also study corals, deep sea creature, plankton, or even microbes.

Why you chose this career

I chose this career because I love to be underwater and fish-like things interest me. I also chose this career because I love discovering new things or new ways to do old things. I also just LOVE to be underwater if I really wanted to I could be underwater all day and be just fine.

Experience/Skills needed:

The Experience needed is to have worked with any kind of animals before hand - they don’t even have to be related to the ocean, you could volunteer at a local animal shelter. You would also need to take as much biology,ecology,and classes that are similar in high school and college. You would also need to like reading and writing because Marine Biologists do a lot of that. You also need to like being underwater and swimming and interacting with animals

What branch of science most of this career falls under and why

Marine Biology falls under the life science category because marine biologist study living things, just underwater.

Something you found interesting about the career

Something that I found interesting was that a seal,whale,dolphin, or any other kind of aquatic trainer could be considered a marine biologist.

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