Digital Citizenship Project

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What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship is being kind to others on the web, so make sure you pause and think before you post.

Why is it Important to know about digital citizenship?

It is important to know about digital citizenship to help protect yourself. Digital citizenship is important to follow so you are able to stay safe from hackers and other people who may try and harm you. To stay away from these people don't share your ID ever, and make sure you are nice and friendly on the internet. you never know what these people might try and do to harm you.

What are the Rules for Digital Citizenship?

1: never share identity with others on the internet.

2: be careful with others on the internet.

3: no sending messages in all caps (that means you are yelling), someone may take that the wrong way and get mad.

4: be kind to others on the web.

5: think before posting with conversations.

6:beware of copyright and don't copy without permission.

7:don't click on advertisements that pop up.