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The capital of Greece is the Athens.The glorious city of history is what some people might call it. Greece's capital is more famous than any other European capital , At night Athens totally changes the entertainment satisfy's all and there are also numerous of theaters.


Greece is home to hundreds of different fish species like squids , octopuses , lobsters , crabs , and etc..There are also an abundance of reptiles and amphibians like fire salamanders , wall geckos , Turkish gecko and etc.Some mammals are boars , bears , wildcats and etc.

Tourist Destinations

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.Greece has over sixty inhabited islands , historic sites , there is a variety of places and reasons why to explore in Greece

Did You Know

Greece is populated at over 11,122,345 , it was shaped by the Mediterranean climate like the dry hot summers or the chilly winters. Greece has a government type called Hellenic Republic and has a type of money called Euro.Greece has an area of land of 50,949 and a law that states that everyone over 18 must vote ( crazy huh? ).