Lewis and Clark


Hello, My name is Sacagawea. I went on most of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, I played a very important role. I was an interpreter when we came to Native Americans tribes, I was a guide, I showed the Americans edible food, and I showed the Native Americans that the Americans were friendly.

The Number One Thing On The Expedition

In my eyes, the tribes were the number one thing on the expedition. The reason I think this is because, first of all, I am part of the Native Americans

The Second Thing On The Expedition

I think that the landmarks were the second thing on the expedition because the landmarks helped William make new maps and the landmarks would help make an accurate map.

The Third Thing On The Expedition

I think that the forts were the third most important thing on the expedition because they gave us warmth through the winter and they helped up keep our things dry. The forts really helped when it came to looking after my dear son.

Other Important People On The Expedition

Other Facts

The expedition was also known as the Corps of Discovery, it was commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson, the expedition took 2 years and 4 months. It was to explore and map the newly acquired territory and, by following the Missouri River northwest to see if it was connected or came close enough to the Columbia River, which flowed on to the Pacific Ocean.
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Seaman was Lewis's dog, he went with them on their expedition