Thomas Alva Edison


This Smore poster is all about the really, Really, REALLY amazing invention of the Phonograph!!

The Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution was a time when inventions were being invented left and right. The phonograph was one of those inventions.
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Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Edison was a great and famous inventor. He was born on February 11, 1847 and died on October 18th 1931. Thomas Edison was the youngest of seven children. His parents were Samuel Edison and Nancy Edison. In his childhood, Thomas Edison had scarlet fever, so he became deaf as an adult. Thomas Edison only went to school for a total of twelve weeks! His teacher called him a distraction, so his mother taught him at home. Edison moved to New York in 1869 and made his first invention ( an improved stock ticker).He married 16 year old Mary Stilwell in 1871. They had three children whom they named Mary, Thomas, and William. Thomas and Mary were married for 13 years before Mary died at age 29 of suspected brain tumor. Thomas Edison died at age 84. He died as one of the most respected Americans.

The Phonograph

The phonograph is a device that records and plays back sound. It was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in 1877. Phonographs play records that contain an analog (likeness) of the original sound waves. The analog is stored as jagged waves in a spiral groove on the surface of a disc. As the disc rotates on the phonograph, a needle, called a stylus, rides along the groove. The waves in the groove cause the stylus to vibrate. The vibrations then are transformed into electric signals and converted back into sound by speakers. It was Thomas's favorite invention. The phonograph was his favorite invention!!! He liked it even better than the light bulb!!