Triassic Period

Find out, according to Darwin, what it was like back then.

What is the Triassic Period Like?

The Triassic Period is very hot and dry. There is very little life in the Triassic Period. Most life is being killed off by natural happenings. There are many fiery meteor showers, some of which are hitting areas of Earth and killing the animals and plants. Also, there is plenty of volcanic activity stirring up the lives of most creatures. The majority of creatures in the Triassic Period are early reptiles. The first dinosaurs are showing up on Earth and the first mammals as well.

What Should You Pack?

You will want to be very safe to avoid any damage and to have the best stay. You will want to bring very light and thin clothing. You also will want to bring lots of water. Lastly, you will most likely want to bring a battery fan to keep in your tent. The tents and other safety items will be provided. We will provide the tent, any eye gear, and harnessing if you choose to ride the dinosaurs.

What You Can Enjoy

You may enjoy seeing some of the first reptiles. You may also enjoy riding the dinosaurs. We provide harnesses to ride the safe dinosaurs with. You may like climbing the first palm-like trees. We also let you enjoy watching the meteor showers from the hills of Pangaea. Or watching the ancient volcanoes erupt (at a safe distance, of course). You may also like swimming as a family through the giant single ocean, Panthalassa or submarining through it's beautiful waters and seeing some of the crazy creatures that lurk down there. These are some of the many things you will enjoy doing at your visit to the Triassic Period.
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What Can You Look Forward Too?

Triassic Period


You do have a few things that you will want to keep in mind before traveling with our company through time to the Triassic Period.

1. There are quite large and dangerous creatures lurking around Pangaea during this time. We advise that at all times you stay with your tour guide who knows the way to stay safe.

2. Travelers will want to be cautious any time they see a meteor shower travelling by.

3. Stay at a safe distance from the ancient volcanoes at all times. They have been known to 'stir things up' if you aren't careful of them.

4. Travelers will want to always keep a steady eye as they swim through Panthalassa because of the possible threats that live there.

5. The climate difference may not be welcome to some people. Because of this, we advise that travelers have lots of water with them and multiple times a day, go back to their tents to cool off from the extreme heat.

Other than these notices, travelers will be able to have a nice and enjoyable stay.