Steve Jobs

Biography By: GianReo M

Childhood and Early Life

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. He was an unexpected surprise. He was a surprise because his mom found out he was pregnant with Steve 4 1/2 months into the pregnancy. His moms dad (Steve's grandpa) wasn't that thrilled that his daughter was having a baby at a young age. She thought it was okay because she was over 21 years old. Growing up, Steve was different than most of the other kids. He was curious to learn and he was very inventive. A couple of years later his family moved to a new city which meant he had to go to a new school. He wasn't the happiest kid in the world but he had to adjust. On the bright side he met many other kids with his same interests and they got along well. He was very smart in school and his teachers loved him. As he got older he was always one of the smartest kids in his grade. His parents were always proud of him and they knew he would do something great in life.

Starting The Company Called Apple

When Steve grew older and he graduated college he met a man named Steve Wozniak. Shortly after they met they became great business partners. Later down the road they started developing their own company they decided to call Apple. It wasn't long before they came up with the first Apple Macintosh. It was a big hit, after they sold many of the computers they started to get complaints about the computer. When they read the complaints, they were not sure what the people meant by "not enough storage." The next day Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak took a look at the computer. It took about half an hour until they figured out what the problem was. Once they figured out what they were dealing with right away they started developing the Apple Macintosh 2. It only took them about a month for the Apple Macintosh 2 to be ready. Once they launched the new computer the public was very happy. They were pleased that the new Macintosh had more storage, better frame rate, and was quicker to respond and load. Once Steve saw how much the public loved the new computer he saw that the possibilities were endless. He started full time working and developing ideas for what he called "IPhones." He started the blueprints and gathered the technology to make the new and first ever Apple Iphone. About a year passed and he launched the IPhone 1. Everyone was amazed of how Steve overcame the technological obstacles and surpassed them to make something even better. Steve Jobs heard the compliments and it changed his life. The next decade there was so much development, wealth, and technological growth of Apple. Steve Jobs shook the ground with the IPhone 4. No one thought that there could be anything better than the IPhone 4 and 4s.
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Death of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs' death was very hard for everyone. They saw him as a powerful person and a very smart individual. He had left a very powerful legacy to everyone who knew him and to everyone who bought Apple products. His time developing apple changed the lives of many people and made such a big positive impact on society. His death was caused by a severe case of Pancreatic Cancer. That is when you suddenly lose your appetite and start having unexplainable quick loss of weight. When it started they thought it was fine but when they saw serious physical illness they rushed him to the hospital, but it was too late. The doctors could not do anything to prevent the disease from doing anymore damage to Steve's body. Steve died later that week, everyone will know and remember, Steve Jobs.

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