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Welcome To The Nicho News!

Welcome to this fortnights edition of the Nicho News, we have some interesting articles coming up including the weekly schedule of up coming events. We also have many other interesting stories like our teacher of the fortnight and don't forget our class of the fortnight 1/2 Charlotte.

Coming Up At Nicho

  • 13 Mar 1/2 Charlotte assembly 9.30-10.15
  • 20 Mar Harmony Day
  • 20 Mar K/1 Borrowdale assembly 9.30-10.15
  • 23 Mar Young Leaders Day Yr 6
  • 26 Mar Fresh Food Thursday
  • 25 Mar R.A Spratt Visit
  • 27 Mar K Friendship assembly 9.30-10.15
  • 1 Apr Don't Worry Be Happy Day

* Choir every Wednesday

* Gymnastics every Thursday

* Band every Thursday

* School banking every Friday

Principal Report

Greetings awesome ‘Nicho’ families,

With our whole school Positive Education Program well under way in every classroom all the staff are focussing on our school rules as well as the 6 core elements of our Positive Education Program. These 6 core elements are: Positive Relationships, Positive Emotions, Positive Health, Positive Engagement, Positive Accomplishment and Positive Purpose. An integral part of the school culture that underpins positive school culture is our school rules. It is important that all in our school community know our rules and the importance of adhering to these expectations. Understanding and modelling the school rules creates a safe, happy and engaging learning environment for all of us to thrive in.

My focus for this newsletter is our school rules which are: Care, Respect, Cooperate and Be Safe. I will also let you know about a book we have read this week and then touch on the six core elements of our Positive Education Program.

All teachers have been discussing how we care, respect, cooperate and be safe at school in the classrooms and the playground. We have also been focussing our after lunch lines talks on this part of school life. It would be really powerful if all families could be talking about how we care, respect, cooperate and be safe at home and in our community.

We are also learning about ‘anger’ using a book called ‘The Red Beast’. I have read this book with all the classes and we have talked openly about our anger, what triggers it and what coping strategies we use to manage it. We are using classroom and playground scenarios to practice our positive cool down strategies! A great idea would be to all practise these together at home! This activity allows children to know it is okay to be angry, but it is not okay to hurt someone else because of our feelings.

I will finish by touching on something really fun, which is developing a personal mantra! Part of our Positive Education Program focusses on mantras and developing personal mantras to help us out in any of life’s situations! Please spend some time over the coming weeks talking about the positive self-talk you all use and reflect on mantra’s that we use in different situations!

‘Be water my friends, be water’

This is one of my favourite mantras I use in some stressful situations!

At NSPS we use a rating scale of emotions from a level 1 to 10, 1 being barely feeling the emotion to 10 being a particularly heightened state of the emotion. We are also discussing where we feel anger or sadness or excitement (emotions) in our bodies and again how to manage it. These are all part of our positive emotions that if we manage we can all feel empowered, safe and engaged in our learning journeys!

It would be so powerful if everyone in our community could come up with a mantra to share during our whole school ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy Day’ in week 10 on Wednesday 1st April! Let’s see if we can give it a go Nicho! – Lucy Norrish (Acting Principal).

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Environment Report

The school gardens had a great mini make over last Friday thanks to a huge team effort. Parent, Paul Bates did a great job trimming all the hedges and trees in the front garden, thank you Paul for all of your help and to all of the other parents who gave up their time to lend a hand.

This week the Environment Team will meet for the first time and discuss our plans and exciting activities for the year and how the garden will be organised this year. We have allocated 1 of the 4 garden beds to be used by classes on a rotational bases to support their learning in class, this gives all children at Nicho a chance to get their green fingers moving. We also plan on implementing a 'Nude Food' day at Nicho. This encourages less waste from lunch and recess packaging and rubbish and hopefully helping to keep our beautiful school garbage free.
Our frog pond has survived the hot weather and has many frogs eggs hiding and ready to hatch! We look forward to planting our first autumn crops with eager gardeners.

Ms Miller and Ms Glover

Class Of The Fortnight

This fortnight's Class of the fortnight is 1/2 Charlotte. Their teacher is Ms Miller.

Learning in 1/2 Charlotte

This term we have been exploring multiplication and division.

We had a lot of fun making ”Multiplication towers” in groups and writing the multiplication story on post it notes in front of the towers. You can see that some groups made lots of towers!

Ms Miller

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Teacher Of The Fortnight

This fortnight's Teacher of the fortnight is Ms Norrish! Ms Norrish is our current principal. We ( Emily and Veronica) interviewed her and this was our conversation.

How are you liking the Principal role?

Very much girls! I am loving seeing all the students, teachers and parents start what is going to be an amazing year of learning, laughter and life!

Is It a busy role?

Yes it is busy and full of new and exciting challenges, however I am really enjoying it!

What has been your favourite part of the role so far?

I absolutely love handing out the Principal's awards each week at assemblies and love having the opportunity to work with all of the staff, parents and students.

What do you love about Nicho?

I think that Nicho is a very special part of the world, it reminds me of my small village school in England, yet Nicho has the resources of the city! We are a big family and we all care for one another, this is really important to me.

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Music Report

Music News

Choir for Years K-2 - Starts Monday 16th March!

The new Nicho junior choir will begin rehearsals on Monday with Mr Cullen in the Library. Students should meet Mr Cullen in the Library straight after eating time. Come along and have a go, al welcome!

Choir for Yrs 3-6

Rehearses at 8am on Wednesday mornings with Lucy Norrish in the Kindy Friendship classroom. All welcome!

Congratulations for your first performance at the 2/3 Sirius Assembly last week.

Introduction to Music Group K-2

Thursdays at 8.00am, 2/3 Sirius Classroom

Our Beginner Music Group is underway with our wonderful gaggle of excited K-2s singing, clapping rhythms and taking their first steps towards reading musical notes. If anyone else is interested in joining our introductory music group, please contact Kathryn Reynolds.

Concert Band with Bec Rawson

Rehearses on Thursday mornings in the 5/6A classroom

7.45 arrival for an 8,00am start

Training Band with Kate Whitton

Rehearses on Thursday mornings in the 5/6S classroom

7.45 arrival for an 8,00am start

Junior Guitar Ensemble with David Brinsmead

Mondays at recess

Senior Guitar Ensemble with David Brinsmead

Tuesdays at recess

Trash Percussion K-6

Thank you to all of the families who have filled out an Expression of Interest form for our Trash Percussion Group. We will be in contact with you soon with a start date, day and time. An information sheet will be circulated to interested families next week.

Music Room Working Bee

A big thank you to Bec Rawson for her amazing efforts in our Music working Bee in Week 5 – we cleaned out the music storeroom (and several other rooms as well) and took a stock take of our amazing instrument collection, retired a few old parts and sent off others for repair. Thanks go to Phil and Natanya Shearer for hours of work sorting percussion instruments and taking on various repair jobs – no job too big for this dynamic duo.

Our music storeroom is fabulous and so organised – long may it remain so!

Rebecca Rawson & Kathryn Reynolds

If you would like more information on any of our music groups, please contact Kathryn Reynolds on

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Zone Carnival Recount

On Tuesday we went to the Zone Swimming Carnival. It was really fun,there were lots of schools there like Stanmore, Birchgrove, Balmain and more, but most importantly Nicho.

On the day lots of Nicho students tried their bet and represented our school with pride. We swam at Ashfield Aquatic Center, we had lots of fun.

Thank you to Mrs Garven and all the parents for orginising and driving us to the pool.

By Jamilah Bates and Max Donnellan

Harmony Day

On the 10th of March Nicho is holding our Harmony Day, this is an exciting event because each teacher gets to choose there own country and can decorate their classroom. Teachers will also get to choose an activity to do that has something to do with their chosen country.
It is appreciated if students bring in a gold coin donation.
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In case you missed it!

Here is a short video of the 5/6S assembly.
5-6 assembly

Music Report