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December 4


Stronger Together

Only 10 more school days until Winter Break. Encourage and support each other. We can make it!

Holiday Lunches

Our annual Holiday Luncheons are next week. Please wear professional dress on these days. Also, remind parents that if someone is coming to eat with their child, and the person is no on the approved check out list, the parent needs to send in a handwritten note, so the school knows to expect the visitor. Thank you for your help with this. Please be extra sensitive to those students who do not have a parent or loved one coming to eat with them. We want this to be a special day for all our students!

Profile Sheets

Please have writing and F&P data entered into your profile sheet on the shared drive by Friday, December 18.

Lost and Found

Please encourage parents and students to check the lost and found for missing items. All clothing left at winter break will be donated to charity.


Congratulations to Cindy Gomez, Karen Ona, Jennifer Clark, Joanie Sims, Karen Martin, Kimberly Mayfield, and Carla Evans! They won a jeans pass for completing the online discussion posted over break!

NATC Treats 15-16

Trivia Time: The first ten people to answer this week's trivia question will get a treat. Email your answer to Carrie.

Which is not the name of one of Santa's reindeer?

A. Dasher

B. Dancer

C. Dunder

D. Dopler


From Erline:


Please let me know if you'd be willing to tutor the next session. It will be eight weeks long and begin Tuesday, January 19.


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Mill Creek Encore Alliance invites you to attend our next theatre production, May The Farce Be With You, either this coming Saturday evening at 7pm or Sunday afternoon at 2pm. Tickets are free and you can reserve your ticket online at Enter the code yes2016 during the checkout process. You can print your ticket/confirmation and pick up your tickets at Will Call 30 minutes before the show.

May The Farce Be With You - Rated G

Written by: David Rogers

Directed by: Amy Hatcher

Produced by: Katherine Alexander

Acrobatman, Albatross, H20 Girl, Astarte, Tapeman, Miss Invisowrap, Electroman, Gadzooks. And that's only part of the cast of this comedy farce. They are members of the Elite Idealistic Earth Individuals Organization, commonly called the E.I.E.I.O. Their annual conference at a health spa called O. MacDonald's Farm (what else?) is attacked by invaders from the evil planet Inferna. Star Raider, the intergalactic villain, has discovered the secret of the E.I.E.I.O.'s strength: they all seem to be some insignificant Earth Person, then they change their clothes and become super heroes. So he has prepared a serum that will rob them of the ability to change clothes! Can the E.I.E.I.O. and the entire Earth be saved from enslavement by nonmembers Superbrain and Wizard Woman? Learn the answer in this takeoff on all the super heroes you've ever heard of.


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Jennifer Hartwell - 12/11

Juli Donat - 12/11

Dorry Heffner - 12/12