Getting to Know Me

Monica Graham

My family

I kinda have a small but big personallity family. I have a mother and a father. My mom works in the pharmacy and my dad works on peoples cars. I also have two step half or what ever brothers and one is 23 and the other is 19 they both work for Price Chopper in Raymore. I work in the construction sites. I paint, lay carpet, and tile. I am a hard worker and love to make people happy. I have a grandfather who has past away a couple of years ago we always went fishing and we had a blast. My dads mother is just like her husband, she loves the outdoors. Well my whole family loves the outdoors. We love to go camping and hunting.

Some hobbies I like to do...

Some of the things i like to do is play my instrument, sing, and hang out with my student ministries group with church. I play the saxaphone and the trumpet, yet I am learning how to play piano since i cant play sax anymore because of my jaw. I would love to grow and help people with the computer problems i am really big on the tech things.

My summer/ things I participate in.

Some of the things I am involve in is choir and church. Church is the one big thing i am involved with the most. I love my church. I also spent most of my summer there helping plan a global expidition with some of the members of my youth group/student ministries. I dont really participate in sports for the school, but i do go after school and help students with there work.