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Who Knows? Moe Knows!

Have you ordered your show fan? If not, order today! Pick it up Tuesday at rehearsal. Be ready to cheer on our Jaguar band at BOA WACO, Hays Band Fest and our next football game! All proceeds from the fan go directly to the bands BOA Grand Nationals Indianapolis trip!

One fan for $3, or two fans for $5.

Get ready to start off our new "taking-the-field" chant! (Conveniently printed on the fan!)

help cheer our band onto the field!

Check out this quick video to learn our new cheer!

Reprinted Show Shirts Ready for Pick Up!

FYI all marching show shirts have been reprinted. Pickup of parent shirts will be this week at end of rehearsal on Monday and Tuesday from 6-6:30pm. Students can pick up parent shirts. Students shirts will be passed out separately by uniform committee before we depart for Gran Nationals. All students shirts must be labeled and are considered part of their uniforms on cam petition/event days. No extras are available.

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  • Hays CISD Band Festival
  • Trunk-or-Treat
  • Last Chance to Buy Tickets for the Waco Fan Bus!
  • Uniform Reminders
  • Volunteers/Anyone Coming to the Band Hall
  • Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

This Week & Save These Dates
From Your Booster President

The Beat - percussion specific information
Color Guard Corner

BOA Grand Nationals

  • Mandatory Meeting, Tuesday 11/8, 6:30pm in JHS cafeteria
  • BOA Grand Nationals Tickets Now On Sale

  • Fly a Flag

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  • Johnson Band SmugMug Photos Login/Password
  • Staying informed
  • Service Hours
  • Get Involved! (Important Volunteer Information)
  • Save These Dates
  • Jag Band & Guard Photos
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take note!

Hays CISD Band Festival--This Wednesday!

Performance order will be as follows:

7:30 – Hays
7:50 – Johnson
8:10 – Lehman
8:30 – Mass Band
8:45 – Group photo of mass bands on the center of the field

  • Johnson will warm up in front of Bales gym in the parking lot facing toward the back baseball complex.
  • Johnson will park their trucks in the North parking lot and store their props along the track on the North portion of the stadium.

Trunk-or-Treat--This Friday!

On Friday, October 28th the band boosters will be hosting the Annual Band and Guard Trunk or Treat! The students have been working really hard and we would like to celebrate their work.

We are asking for you to decorate your trunk and bring candy for the students to come visit after practice on that Friday. Practice ends at 7:00pm so we will start setting up around 6:00 in a designated portion of the parking lot.

Please decorate your car and bring lots of candy to the event! Click here to sign-up to participate and/or donate candy. If you cannot decorate your car you can also sign up to drop off candy for us to give away. If you have any questions please contact Carolyn Meredith at

Last chance to buy tickets for a seat on the Waco Fan Bus!

Waco Fan Bus tickets are still available! Each ticket is $36. The buses will leave at the same time as the student buses and return when the students return. Please know that the awards ceremony for this BOA Event will be around 10:45 pm and our return will be after the awards ceremony. If you are planning to attend, consider whether you prefer to drive yourself home late at night or join us on the Fan Bus!

Uniform Reminders


1. Show shirts are part of the band uniform. Your students are often required to have them. PLEASE have your student show you their shirt so you know they know where it is. We do not have extra's; they were told by the Directors that they could not lose them as they are part of their uniform. They were told the day they picked them up to label them (we had sharpies for them).

2. LABEL everything. This is the only way we can attempt to return lost items to their owners.

3. There is a massive pile of lost & found items at the back of the instrument locker room and guard room. Have your student look for lost items there.

4. Please ask your students if they somehow ended up with an extra shoe or show shirt or polo & return the extra items.

5. Talk to your students about keeping everything in their duffels. We see clothes & shoes everywhere & this leads to lost items.

6. Required items for any event are listed on the schedules that are emailed out. Please share with your students so they are prepared with the necessary items.

7. If your student does not have a uniform item on the list, and IF we have those items in inventory, you will be invoiced for that replaced item. We do not have any inventory that students can just borrow.


We have been told by JHS Admin that if you arrive at the school during the school day (before 4:10 pm), you need to CHECK IN at the front office (as opposed to Ms. Mendez office). If you arrive during the school day but leave after school is out, you can check OUT in Ms. Mendez office.

If you are on campus anytime outside of the school day, you must CHECK IN and CHECK OUT in Ms. Mendez office with her scanner. Be sure to wear your volunteer badge at all times. If you do not have a badge, please email Ms. Mendez to get that process going.

Big picture


We need your help to get ready for BOA Waco and Grand Nats! We will need help during each band rehearsal this week and next. Tasks include cutting out new flag design (scissors), hemming flags (sewing machines), attaching gold bead chain to competition tops (pinning), repairing hats and feathers (glue guns), and spray painting hats.

Please bring your scissors, sewing machines, thread and needle, and/or glue guns! Most importantly, just SHOW UP!

We have limited time this week so it is critical we have help to be ready before Waco!

Uniform Washing Crew

Game Day and Competition Day Support

Big picture

This Week & Save These Dates

October 24

Band & Guard Rehearsal (5 - 8 p.m. @ JHS)

October 25

Band & Guard Rehearsal (5 - 8 p.m. @ JHS)

October 26

Hays CISD Band Festival (7 - 9 p.m. @ Shelton Stadium)

October 27

Band & Guard Rehearsal (7 - 8 a.m. @ JHS)

JHS v Akins (MS band night) (7 pm @Shelton Stadium)

October 28

Band & Guard Rehearsal (5 - 7 p.m. @ JHS)

October 29

Bands of America (BOA) Waco (@ Baylor University)

JB Pre-lim performance at 1:45pm

Join our Facebook event!

October 31

Student Holiday/Staff Exchange Day

November 1

Student Holiday/Staff Work Day

Band & Guard Rehearsal (5 - 8 p.m. @ JHS)

November 2

Band & Guard Rehearsal (5 - 8 p.m. @ JHS)

November 3

Band & Guard Rehearsal (5 - 7 p.m. @ JHS)

November 4

Band & Guard Rehearsal (7 - 8 a.m. @ JHS)

JHS v Westlake (7 p.m. @ Westlake High School)

November 5

US Bands Austin Finale (@ Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex)

From your Booster President

This is the time of the marching season that gets hard. Many of you might be feeling fatigued. Many of you may be longing for the marching season to end. I get it. It's a lot. But I am proud to share that the students are not doing that. Honestly, I haven't seen this much determination and persistence from the students in the past three years that I have been with this program. This is the first year that I have seen and heard the students pushing themselves harder - more now than when they began the season! They are a more determined bunch than I could have ever anticipated. And I am not alone. After this past Thursday's practice, Mr. Duffy (and you know he would be honest! ;-) basically shared with me that the students were surprising him too. And - much like Mr. Duffy does - he didn't say much more but he had that look on his know the one. And I thought "wow!". These kids are really digging in and rising to this challenge!

I share this with you not only because it's exciting but to urge you to also dig in - to equal their effort.

This past week we put out a call for help. I am sad to say that very few parents showed up. I will take this opportunity to thank those of you who did but I will also point out that there is still so much to be done before BOA Waco and Grand Nationals.

I will also share with you what many of you may already know: Mr. Duffy also designs shows for other bands. For the most part, you can look at a show and know whether it is a Duffy show or not. Sometimes you can't tell but then you realize why when you find out that they chose to cut the vision short. They decided to stop building more props; to stop adding details to the show. They got fatigued and stopped. But when you look at Moe and Gene shows, you know it's by David Duffy. And that's partly because we don't just put on a show, we put on a production! Much like DCI, Mr. Duffy will continue to add new elements to the show. Some may seem small and some may seem big but not once have I not witnessed that they all add to the entertainment value AND scoring points!

So if you are wondering whether having gold bands around hats, a few more sideline props, or a touch of glitter spray on hats makes a difference, I am here to tell you that it is and to urge you to do the following two things, 1) trust Duffy's vision, and 2) don't let fatigue stop you from seeing this through to the end. It will pay off. I have witnessed it. And I believe more now than ever that this group is worth every minute of it.

Join us in this last push to help this group reach it's potential and "Against All Odds" they will shine bright like a diamond at BOA Waco, US Bands Austin and Grand Nationals!

See you during the practices at the band hall this week! ;-)



Ida Musgrove


Moe and Gene Johnson Band Boosters

The Beat--A weekly update for Percussion specific information

I hope everyone had a restful weekend off! I know I am recharged and ready to start the final push towards Grand Nationals! We absolutely need to work hard this week to make sure we are the best version of ourselves. This weekend is the BOA Waco regional and is an important step along the way. We are going to have a great showing and see some really incredible bands. AND…It’s in McLane Stadium!! I’ve driven by it so many times and can’t wait to see Against All Odds in there!

Attendance is important these final three weeks. Make sure you are there and healthy. Please take care of yourselves, practice good hygiene, etc. We need everyone doing their part! Buckle up, it’s going to be one heck of a ride!!!


Most communication for our band program goes out through Charms and Remind. Any Percussion specific info will be sent out via our Percussion Remind. I encourage all parents to sign up. This will hopefully keep you informed of upcoming percussion events, news, info, etc.

To sign up, simply text @jagsperc22 to the number 81010.


3/4/23 - JHS Percussion Ensemble Concert


color guard corner

Big picture

Color Guard Updates

URGENT: At this time we have received ONLY ONE DONATION OF BOBBIE PINS! Please donate whatever you can, especially if you are not bringing your own and doing your own students hair. Please send some in during the beginning of this week!

Please start checking your student's guard items in case they need gloves, jazz shoes, etc.. As we shared at the last booster meeting, if your student shows up without uniform items, you will get invoiced for the items they needed. We do not "loan" these types of items. If they forget them, you will have to pay for them. Some of you will see invoices coming your way soon from previous games and competitions.

If you have questions about uniforms, invoices, etc., please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

p.s. please know that we can ALWAYS use more help with hair and makeup! especially hair!


Michelle Silva and Ida Musgrove


Wednesday - Hays CISD Marching Festival: competition hair and makeup, jazz shoes, show bracelets, water jug.

Thursday - Home game: tunics, low ponytail, game makeup (smoky eye, noticeable blush and lipstick), sneakers, and jazz shoes (for show).

Saturday - BOA Waco: arrive with show hair done and wearing unitard, show shirt, and sneakers; Bring costume, jazz shoes, water jug, and show makeup; makeup can be done on bus.

Snack bag donations: We will continue to take donations for Grand Nats snack bags: Belvita snacks, breakfast snacks, slim Jim's, mini powder donuts, muffins, goldfish, capri suns, pretzels, fruit snacks.


*Please make sure you have all uniform items AND THAT THEY HAVE YOUR NAME/INITIALS! especially shoes...we do not keep a large inventory of these and it takes time to get them.

Reminder that to replace shoes or gloves, you will have to order them! To replace sneakers, it costs $65. To replace jazz shoes, it costs $39.75!

Please make sure your name is inside your uniform items!

You can order through BandShoppe It takes 3-5 days to receive them.

Approved jazz shoe: DSI Ever-jazz guard shoe (black)

Approved sneaker: Pastry Studio Trainer Dance Sneaker

In case you missed it, this edition of The Guardian has all of the information for competition hair and makeup you will need for this week's game and competition.

  • Monday: blue
  • Tuesday: grey
  • Thursday: pink
  • Friday: black

16 days until Grand Nationals!

Big picture



At this time, we have ONE King room and ONE double room! Please contact Ida Musgrove at ASAP if you are interested. First come, first serve!

PAYMENT: If you have a room reserved with us, you should have received an invoice from the Johnson Band Boosters. As is noted in the invoice and online, please remember that the website platform requires a credit card charge. That charge could be up to $11.50. If you would rather send in a check, please make it out to Johnson Band Boosters and send to school in an envelope clearly marked with TO: JBB, FROM: (YOUR NAME), RE: GRAND NATS HOTEL, AND $ AMOUNT.

Friendly reminder that ALL BAND AND GUARD students must stay in rooms with other band and guard students. They will not stay in rooms with parents.

BOA Grand Nationals: Mandatory Meeting

Mark your calendars!

MANDATORY meeting for ALL Band and Guard PARENTS

BOA Grand Nationals Organizational Meeting

Tuesday, November 8, 6:30-8pm

JHS Band Hall

BOA Grand Nationals Pre-lims schedule

Questions? Contact Ida Musgrove at


Ida Musgrove


Band Boosters


Fly a Flag

Join the Johnson Jaguar Band Boosters!

Subscribe to Fly a Flag! Show your National Pride AND support the Johnson High School Band! The Johnson Band Boosters are offering a US Flag Subscription service! For national holidays a 3’ x 5’ flag on a pole will be placed in your front yard. The flags will be installed at least one day before the holiday and will be removed after the holiday (length of display will vary depending on when the holiday occurs). A one-year subscription to the Fly A Flag Program is $52. At this time, this service is only being offered in the Johnson High School attendance zone.


Amazon Smile
: Support the Johnson Jaguar Band & Guard by shopping at Amazon Smile!

Scrip Gift Cards: Shop gift cards from 750+ top brands like Amazon, HEB, Starbucks, Walmart, Home Depot and the band program earns on things you buy!

Sponsorships: Visit our website to find ways to support and sponsor the Johnson Jaguar Band & Guard.

Corporate Sponsorship: Corporate sponsorships are a fantastic way for local businesses to support the Jaguar Band AND raise awareness about your company in our community. . There are several different levels of sponsorship available each with its own unique incentives. Download our brochure or click on the image to explore the various tax-deductible options available.

helpful notes

Jag Band & Guard Photos

Click here for Johnson Band & Guard photos throughout the year! The password is GoJags. Scroll down for the 2022 - 23 folder for more photos from Spring Camp! Photos from all football games, competitions and special events will be uploaded here throughout the year. You can download photos for free.

Staying Informed

Staying Informed! The Jaguar Band strives to keep everyone informed about our events and increase the opportunity to answer questions and create conversations with our community. This year, you will be able to find out information not only in our Newsletter and on our Band Calendar, but we will also be sharing them on our Johnson Band website events page and as events on our Facebook page. Our events on Facebook will be used as a primary source for updates and reminders. Don't forget to use your section GroupMe's as a quick and effective way to get your questions answered!

Service Hours

The JHS Band Boosters have created a form for band students to track their band volunteer service hours. (Click the previous sentence to link to the form.) This form is similar to what is used by other organizations such as the NHS and puts control of volunteer service hours tracking in the students hands. Students should print and use this to log for all band related volunteer service hours and ensure completion of all fields including supervisor signature. Parents signatures are not accepted. Follow all details on the form to turn in the logs in the spring to be considered for Band Student Service Awards at the Band Banquet or for logging volunteer service for Letterman Jacket points. Any questions, contact or This form should be used for all hours since the Band Banquet last spring. Multiple forms may be submitted to track all of your volunteer service.

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Complete our Committee Interest Form to be informed on upcoming committee meetings as they begin:

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