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Reading Efficiently and Effectively

Reading efficiently and effectively

The Main challenge is increasing the reading speed, while still maintaining comprehension. It is very important to monitor the comprehension as we read. For important or challenging material, it is best to read slowly so that to fully understand the material. When the material is difficult and or important, reading in an environment that is free of distractions is important. This also implies to internal distractions as well. Making decisions when to re-read is advantageous.

Increase or Decrease the speed of reading.

Reasons to decrease the speed are; many unfamiliar words, text structure is difficult, many unfamiliar or abstract concepts, detailed technical material. On the contrary reasons to increase the speed are; broad generalized ideas, detailed elaborations, unnecessary examples, simple examples with no new ideas.

For the sake of efficiency, the decision to increase or decrease the speed of reading should be made on whether we read for pleasure, entertainment or we read because it is a requirement to pass a least interesting test.

What I enjoy reading.

I read many different subjects, some examples of book titles are; “The art of persuasion”, “Making a good brain great”, “Things that matter”, “The fabric of the cosmos”, “The sense of being stared at”.

Whether reading for an entertainment or as a requirement, the physical well-being is just as important as mental tranquility.

The Physical Connection.

In the book “Making a good brain great” the author Daniel G. Amen, M.D., neuroscience, psychiatrist, and brain-imaging expert, he has emphasized on importance of brain being physically in optimal shape and condition. Diet, lifestyle and generally being careful with respect to our brain is very important. Physical well-being of our brain is correlated directly to our ability to concentrate, comprehend, memorize.

Ultimately, physical well-being of our brains is also correlated to our physical well-being of our bodies. Conclusively, the physical well-being, mental tranquility, the environment free of distractions and our strategy are all interconnected and indispensable for effective and efficient reading.