World History AP

Ms. Tenczar's classes

What is happening in WHAP this week?

Every week, there will be a basic description of our plans in WHAP. These plans are a basic outline and can change as the week goes on.

Mon 2/17

French Revolution activity

Ch. 23 Questions due

Tues 2/18

Industrial Revolution PPT- Ch. 23

Ch. 24 questions assigned- be sure to READ chapter!

Wed 2/19

Industrialial Revolution Results Activity- PPT

Need textbook

Thurs 2/20

Industrial Revolution- Cafeteria activity PPT- econ. Philosophies handout

Re-read pg. 553 in your textbook

Fri 2/21

Chapter 24- Imperialism PPT

Read and annotate article “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx


Documents (including syllabus, assignments, etc.) can be found on the KHS webpage. A link to that site is found by clicking above.


Various websites will be used throughout the school year. A few are linked below...