Digital Learning Day 2020

#DLDay Alexander County Schools

Ellendale Elementary

Innovate! Every classroom. Every day. Digital skills are an integral part of daily operations in the Ellendale library. After book checkout, students in grades 3-5 can choose to learn something new, practice a skill, or create something totally their own. Chromebooks, desktops, ipads, microphones and green screens are available for students to use as they complete projects. Some options included for them to explore are DuoLingo languages,, Adobe Spark, Flipgrid, Wonderopolis, digital Breakoutedu, and various other digital activities. Students are learning the value of learning anytime and anywhere, as well as the wide range of opportunities digital learning can provide for them individually.


JROTC taking advantage of the technology available in the library for their meeting.
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East Alexander Middle School

West Alexander Middle School #DLDay

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Bethlehem Elementary School

BES Chromebook students have been learning about and discussing media balance and bias during their time in the media center. Students have reflected on their use of media and how much time they spend using the various forms of media. Students have learned about Artificial Intelligence and have been “teaching” a machine to clean up the oceans using materials.
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Taylorsville Elementary Schools

Students at Taylorsville Elementary used Digital Learning Day to explore several interesting topics through stations in the media center. Each group explored the human body or the solar system with interactive virtual merge cubes, an interactive globe taught about animals and cultures around the world and students had a chance to practice their computer coding skills. At the end of the class period students were excited to share things they had learned.

Wittenburg Elementary School

Mrs. Canter and Mrs. Bruenger's 2nd grade classes researched famous Americans using Duckster. They collected their research and completed their projects at home. They used boxes and put the information on the sides, then they were displayed in the Media Center as well as in the hallways.