Stay In School, Don't Do Drugs!!

By: Shyann Jennings

Let's Talk

Some people might think that doing drugs is good, but just to let you know its not! You can always have an awesome life without drugs. If people ask you to try just say NO! You always have a choice and make sure that you choose the one that won't ruin your life!

Okay here's how it started...

Red ribbon week all began when an agent Enrique “kiki” Camerena was kidnapped he was then tortured and killed, we remember him to this day by celebrating red ribbon week. No one wants to end up like him, so I am making a suggestion that no one does drugs!!

Here's some tips instead of doing drugs!!

You can try and stay away from drugs by keeping away from peer pressure. And you always have to watch who you hang out with, if you hangout with the right people it might be easier to stay away from drugs!!

Why I am never doing drugs!!♥

I never want to do drugs! Because they can mess with your whole life. I don't want to ever do drugs, because I like my friends, and love living in a house! Not in jail!