Romeo and Juliet

An Introduction

"Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?'

Besides being one of the most often quoted (more often misquoted) plays written by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet is considered to be the classic story of tragic love.

What is Tragedy? Why Am I Laughing?

On the stage, a tragedy tends to end with several characters dying because of decisions only a few characters have made; however, Romeo and Juliet begins like a comedy, in that the play has humorous elements and a wedding. Comedies often ended with weddings during Shakespeare's time, but while Romeo and Juliet starts as a comedy, it ends as a tragedy.

I've got Tragedy, but what about this Sonnet thing?

a sonnet is a type of poem William Shakespeare was fond of writing and using in his works. His style of writing sonnet was so popular that it has been named the English (or Shakespearean) form of the sonnet. Click below to read about the difference between the Shakespearean Sonnet and Petrarchan Sonnet.
Tom Hiddleston, The Love Book app (available at your app store). Shakespeare's Sonnet 18

"She doth teach the torches to burn bright"

Shakespeare uses ideas made popular by the Italian writer Francesco Petrarch in his written portrayal of Romeo and Juliet's love.

Petrarch made love sound like it has to be painful and sad while also joyful and happy. Shakespeare makes fun of the so called "Petrarchan lover" through the character Romeo. Romeo frequently speaks of Juliet as unobtainable or as if he is unworthy of her presence. Love to both Romeo and Juliet, is a painful yet pleasurable experience.

Did Shakespeare Invent Romeo and Juliet?

Actually, Shakespeare is quite possibly the greatest copy cat of all time. Most of his plays were based off of earlier poems and works created by other people. Romeo and Juliet, was a poem before Shakespeare made it into the famous play we know it as today.

Before Reading....

Before we start reading Romeo and Juliet, watch the student made video below. The student incorporated the Prologue and the first Scene into a Minecraft generated world. It is kind of impressive...
The First Fight Scene of Romeo and Juliet... IN MINECRAFT