Helping Others to Help Yourself

By Seth Salkin-Weiss

Getting Laid Off: a Hard Situation to Deal With

It is not because you were bad at your job . . . it is just because you were unlucky when your company was becoming smaller. It is all too common an occurrence for people to get laid off. It takes perseverance and creativity to overcome this setback in a person's career. My mother was laid off from Granger and was able to recover. Listen to how my hero, my mother, dealt with this difficult situation.

Heroes Are Not Just People in Capes

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary states that a hero is “a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.” This definition makes people think of a superhero saving the world, a fireman rushing into a burning building, a soldier fighting for our country, or a police officer catching a criminal. But really the word hero means much more than that. A hero is someone who perseveres and someone who teaches others how to learn from his or her mistakes....

Different but the Similar

One person is a mother, while the other is blind and deaf. One struggles with her job, while the other struggles communicating with others. One instructs her children to cook, while the other teaches people about the blind. You might think these two people are very different, but they are more similar than you might think. My mom and Helen Keller are both heroes because they persevere through tough times and teach others to overcome the difficulties they experienced....

Being Laid Off Can Be Negative or Positive

The news has been going around the office today. Layoffs are happening to many workers and some of Jeff’s friends at work. One by one, they end up packing their belongings in a cardboard box. It is only a matter of time before Jeff loses his job as well. He is scared and wonders what he will do. Some of his friends say it is a dream come true while others say it is a nightmare. Soon Jeff will be unemployed, and he will find out for himself whether he likes it or not. While getting laid off is scary and there are many negative aspects of it, there are just as many positive aspects as well....

Laid Off

Typing and seeing statistics.

My boss smiles and waves at me.

That is odd--he doesn't usually do that.

There is a meeting today.

As I go to the meeting, people are nice to me.

I wonder why.

Finally my boss clears his throat and looks at me.

"You have been laid off."

After rushing home, I begin filling out a resume.

There is no time for feeling depressed.

I finish the resume in two days.

Time to send it.

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