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Dear Families:

Well we made it! You are officially the parents of some amazing 2nd graders! I hope that you have started a very relaxing or exciting summer, whichever one you prefer.

I was so harried in the last days of school that I did not get a chance to write a final newsletter. I wanted to pass on to you some tips and resources for summer learning.

In class we talked about the "Summer Slide" that can happen if you don't keep up your daily reading. If you want your child to maintain his/her current reading level, they still need to read everyday. It is also important that they are reading "Just Right Books". The following websites can tell you the approximate levels of books. We have been using the "Guided Reading" leveling system.

Don't forget about the Summer Reading Program at Berkeley Public Libraries this summer as well!

I asked the 2nd grade teachers what the most important skill they would like their new students to possess in math and they firmly stated: Math Fact Fluency! Specifically, addition and subtraction fluency to 20. Check out these websites for math fact games and printable worksheets.

A great way to keep up writing and spelling skills is to write notes to your child every day and have them write back to you. Have them send letters, notes and emails to family and friends.

Lastly, Thank you so much for the very generous end of the year gift. I was completely floored by your kindness. I have learned so much from your children this year. They have made me a better teacher, and for that I truly grateful. Have wonderful summer, and feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have!

Shoshana (Judah's mom) scanned the owls and the digital versions are so vibrant. Here is the link:
Shoshana also printed out owls to share, the smaller ones were passed out but I have 9"X12" copies as well that did not get passed out. I will hold on to them over the summer. Please swing by room 110 in the fall if you'd like one.

Thank you,

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