Comparitive poetry analysis

Angelique Vega hour 3


"Grappling with luminous doom. By morning i had rose and fell at least a dozen times into something better." This is a line from Sleeping in the Forest, what do you think it means? Did she die, did she wake, or did something get her? We don,t know either but we have evidence to support our reasoning, just like we have evidence on why this poem and Prayer to the Pacific have structure, tone, figurative language and are similar in ways and different in the other.


All in all, these factors come together to form the finish product of both of these poems, I personally think that the Sleeping in the Forrest is about living and dying, she questions the earth multiple times saying" I thought she remembered me" and also luminous doom, I think she means that she wants to die (luminous) and then the dying part ( doom) all together it leaves you to think more about the story.

Nonetheless, Prayer to the Pacific is about how the author feels about the ocean, i think that by writing this she might have been wanting us to think more about the ocean and how it was vs now it was beautiful, and still is but now it has pollution and might get worse.

Although, my feelings about both of these poems are entirely my own these authors might have meant a totally different thing then what I thought, the best parts that we don't know but that is also the worst. These poems are fun and cool to read and both leave you wondering about something.