Morgan Munchies

4th Grade Mrs. Miller

Testing - 1st of the year

Wow! Where has the year gone? We are 3 short -school- weeks away from 1/2 way through the year. When we return in January, we will be taking the 2nd round of the MAP tests. In addition, we will be taking the practice PARCC tests. This is also online. At this point we don't know the exact dates we will be doing the actual PARCC test, we only know it is towards the end of February or beginning of March. When we get more information, we will be passing it along!

Independent Reading Points

With only 3 weeks left in the quarter we are closing in on the time students have to earn their 13 points. I will send home tomorrow on the communication log the number of points your student still needs if they haven't already earned their 13 points. A few students still need to read non-fiction as well. Every student must have read AT LEAST 3 non-fiction books and passed the tests. They need to do at least 6 non-fiction log entries.

Missing Assignments

Please check Progressbook to see if your student is missing any assignments.


Students have been writing their opinion pieces about school lunches this past month. We are in the process of finalizing these pieces and typing our final drafts on Google Docs. When we return in January they will be composing a new opinion piece based on some articles we will be reading together. In addition, this past week students researched and made powerpoint presentations about Christmas in another country. The presentations were very informative and students did a marvelous job finding interesting information. Students can access these presentations at home and show you their creations. This week we will conclude this research by taking the information gathered and put it into the song, The 12 days of Christmas. Since each group is working on a different country, I can't wait to hear their final song versions.


We have started wading into division. After completing some conceptual division with place value chips, we spent the rest of the week examining rules of divisibility and making factor rainbows. We will continue with those concepts as we start doing some long division. Please continue to practice math facts. While I do not require nightly practice over break, be forewarned that not doing any practice may cause your student to slow down with their timed tests when we return.

Have a great Christmas Break!