very peaceful place to live

Major cities

Winnipeg-It is a very quite place but lots of people live in Winnipeg.and theirs lots of people the population is over 1 million people wow.

Thompson-the parks are the most common place to relax and have fun.

Fin Felon-very loud,louder then a jet wow.the airport is the biggest place in fin felon.

Land forms

The regions of Manitoba are derived chiefly from its landforms. Since the final retreat of the continental ice sheet some 8,000 years ago, many physical forces have shaped its surface into four majorphysiographic regions: the Hudson Bay Lowland, Precambrian Upland, Lake Agassiz Lowland and Western Upland
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Natural resores

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lots of buildings and structures.lots of parks.some of the parks names are
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Manitoba, Canada. Manitoba is located in central Canada at the eastern end of the Canadian prairies. This Canadian province is situated south-west of Hudson Bay, west of the province of Ontario, and east of the province of Saskatchewan. To the south lies North Dakota and Minnesota in the USA.
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Wonder questions

I wonder if there is lots of poler bears.Are the houses big as 3 stories tall.Is there any snow in the city Winnipeg.yes its snows but a little to the houses are big only theirs not meany bears.
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